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Are you looking for easy and cheap work lunch ideas that will save you money (and time)? Try to pack your lunch as often as possible! Impossible? Check out the following lunchtime ideas that your gut and overall health will thank you for later.


Preparing your own lunch isn’t just healthy for your wallet; it is also healthy for your overall well-being.
One of the best ways to do it is to prepare an easy, on-the-go lunch bowl!
You can be creative with the ingredients. Choose your favourite toppings, like seeds and hard-boiled eggs.
A healthy lunch bowl is a complete meal which includes protein, fibre and carbohydrates. The quantities depend on your ingredient selection.


If you think that preparing a jar salad feels a lot like 7 am, think again! This is not a regular salad. It is a salad that is not just convenient, but also easy to prepare, handy and less space-consuming.
To make it, you don’t have to worry about spending too much money at all. In fact, you can make a cheap and healthy salad in a lovely mason jar.
Who knows? Other officemates may be inspired, order a salad from you, and boom – you have an instant side income. Just remember to have the wet ingredients and the dressing at the bottom, and then work your way up with other veggies or crunchy bits.


Another money-saving lunch idea, especially among those who are on a diet, is the more colourful and fun way to make yoghurt to go! Just like a salad, you can prepare this with your favourite ingredients, such as cereal, yoghurt, and berries in your refrigerator. This food idea for lunch can also be a pick-me-up snack or a to-go breakfast.



This is a complete meal that you can also bring to work and not just for a gym session. A good combination is a pear, spinach, or kale smoothie. But, you can also get creative and combine your favourite fruits and vegetables instead.
You can go with a smoothie if you want an easy but healthy lunch. You can also experiment with what should be in your smoothie and have your daily dose of protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is one of the best choices for those on a diet or those who really have no time to prepare a healthy lunch.


During the low-fat food craze in the 1980s, rice cakes were very popular! This puffed rice, which is pressed together into a cake, is a good alternative for crackers or bread if you’re on a diet. Alternatively, some people like rice cakes made from brown rice, which is good because it is rich in fibre, phytochemicals and carbohydrates.
If you want a really nice snack, you can choose rice cakes as an on-the-go lunch or an afternoon pick-me-up with coffee or green tea at the office.
One suggestion is to have your rice cake with banana and nut butter. If you have a sweet tooth, or someone who wants a quick lunch, go for rice cakes.
Check out this video.


If you don’t have time to prepare your lunch at home, you can bring the ingredients for your wraps to work! After all, they can be a better alternative to sandwiches, which might not hold up for a long time in a container.
Plus, you can fill your wrap with ingredients of your choice. Leftovers are also good. You can also keep gluten-free wraps or tortillas in your office pantry or kitchen.
Nevertheless, wraps are versatile because you can add whatever you fancy, such as your choice of filling like white beans, avocado, or chicken Caesar.


A Frittata (translates to fried) is an Italian egg-based dish that looks like an omelette. This dish is usually started on the stovetop and finished off in the oven.
But unlike an omelette, the fillings are combined with the beaten eggs in the pan, not folded in the middle.
You’d definitely love mini versions of it, and you can add your own ingredients like cheese, meat, or vegetables. You can make mini frittatas in advance for the entire week on the weekends. These frittatas are healthy and cheap. You also have the choice of ingredients to include in this dish.


If you’re tired of your classic sandwich, or just bored of traditional grilled cheese, you can get creative on office sandwiches like adding fruits. For example, you can add almond butter or apples to your turkey and brie sandwich. Alternatively, you can have a pear and walnut filling on your raisin bread.
The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing your sandwich ingredients. In fact, you can also use mashed beans, avocado, hummus, veggie burger patties, or sweet potatoes. The choice is yours.
So, when it comes to the diversity of ingredients that you can use for your sandwich, you can really experiment on so many of them.


These are great make-ahead dishes that you can prepare over the weekend in big batches, and then portion them in small containers. They can save you so much time because you can make up to three meals on a weekend morning while doing other chores around the house.

Slow-cooked meals are also economical because you can add leftovers to them. Also, you can make a large batch of it in your Crockpot and you’re good to go! You don’t only need to prepare something for yourself but also for your loved ones.


If you’re a busy person who does not have much time to spare on cooking on the weekdays, you can try preparing easy lunchtime soups, which can be ready to go for the entire week. A few examples include chicken and quinoa soup, lentil soup, and squash soap. Your choice is endless depending on your kind of diet and fitness goals if any.

Choose from one of these affordable and easy lunch ideas and get huge benefits that include time-saving, money-saving and healthy food options. If you don’t have much time on a typical weekday, you can prepare them in advance over the weekend.





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