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10 germiest places in the office. Did you guess them?

by Out and About Mag.

Here is a rundown of some of the germiest places in the office. 

germiest places

Lift Buttons

How many people do you think call the lift using the "up" and "down" buttons every day? What about the "Ground (G)" button inside? A lot, that's how many. So imagine the number of germs that accumulate. Try using your elbow to choose your floor or after you push the button, give your hands a quick wash with an alcohol-based sanitiser during your ride.

Door Handles

Everyone uses them to get around the office. The more people that do, the bigger the variety of germs that can pass from one person to the next. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to help get rid of any germs you may have picked up. Where possible, ask the cleaning staff to wipe down, and sanitise door handles regularly.


It's got far more germs, about 400 times more than a toilet seat. That is about 21,000 bacteria, viruses, and fungi per 6 square cm. As you have probably noticed, these guys mostly travel on your hands, moving from one thing to the next as you touch them. Washing your hands often is key to keeping infections a bay.

Office Equipment

Germs can hide and thrive on the buttons of the office printer, photocopier and other devices. People rarely think to clean them. Put some sanitising wipes nearby to remind yourself each time you use office equipment.

Water Cooler

Typical office water coolers aren't "safer" than regular tap water. People touch the cooler to get their water several times a day. Germs can get on bottles during transport and delivery. Reduce the transfer of germs by bringing your water from home or sanitising the levers/buttons of the water cooler.


Those biscuit crumbs aren't the only things stuck in your computer keyboard. Research says an estimated 16 million microbes that cover the nooks and crannies of your keyboard. 


Your mouse? Studies say your mouse contains 46,000 times more icky stuff than a toilet handle. Sanitise with antibacterial wipes at least once a week; spray between keys with canned air. And don't forget your mobile phone too!

Microwave Door

So many people heat their lunch in these magical machines. Each person touches the door several times to put their food in and remove it. That handle is often one of the germiest places in the office. Add the microwave door to your list of places to hit with a sanitising wipe.

germiest places


It's not only the water cooler that collects germs. The handle of the kettle is a prime spot for germ collection. Wash these often or wipe with alcohol-based sanitiser wipes.

Kitchen Sponge

Kitchen sponges are wet and absorbent, making them perfect for breeding germs. According to WebMD, most new sponges will have bacteria like E.Coli and salmonella within three weeks. Putting the sponge in the microwave at least once a day for two minutes could kill most bacteria. And don't leave them at the bottom of the sink; instead, place them on the drying rack. Remember to clean that microwave handle too!


Coffee cups

Do you know why coffee cups made the list of the germiest places in the office? It is because those germ-filled sponges are used to wash them. 




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