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Have you ever felt heavy and sleepy during midday, as if a food coma has kicked in after lunchtime? Afternoons are the time when you need an energy boost because your eyes begin to flutter, and you start to hear calls from your bed back home.

There's no doubt that everyone has experienced poor concentration and lack of productivity at work or school due to fatigue. Consequently, most of us take the shortcut by grabbing our nth cup of coffee for the day to beat the sluggishness. However, too much of anything can be bad for your health — and this is especially true with caffeine. Caffeine can cause palpitations, which is a jittery feeling evoked from a racing heartbeat.

Consuming caffeine during the latter part of the day could even ruin your sleep patterns because its contents stay in your bloodstream for hours. Drinking excess coffee is a sure way to experience a restless time falling asleep at night.

So, if you're one of those people trying to find coffee alternatives which won't affect your performance, but at the same time will give you loads of energy, then check out these healthy substitutes:


Fight off that coffee-drinking habit after lunchtime with some ginseng. The ginseng root is a traditional Chinese medicine to sharpen the mind and supplement the heart, spleen, kidneys, lungs, and liver.
Unlike coffee, it does not wreak havoc to your sleep cycles, or make you feel irritable, nauseous or send, or send you into a dizzy spell.

Ginseng is for those who want to avoid the annoying side effects of coffee, but still, want to enjoy the health benefits of better mental energy and concentration. Nowadays, ginseng has also become a popular endurance and memory tonic amongst both young and older consumers.

Drink your way to not just energy, but possibly to overall health with a cup of ginseng tea every day.

2. Water

If you’re feeling tired, need an energy boost, and water is all you have, drink a tall glass of it, preferably chilled or with ice cubes. Water helps fight lethargy, especially when that dreaded 3 pm time rolls in.
To make it more flavourful, you can add a slice of lemon or berries for a nutritious drink with added vitamin C.


In addition to the above healthy alternatives to caffeine, you can also get a good energy boost from berries. Berries won’t sap your energy, like candy or sugary foods, and they do a lot to improve your mental capabilities for a more productive day.
Blueberries have high amounts of fibre. This can keep you feeling fuller for longer, while also giving you an energy boost.
Unlike caffeine, which could harm and narrow blood vessels, blueberries can enhance blood flow with their endothelial health improvement properties.


For centuries, maca has been known as an adaptogen that may improve mental focus and concentration, as well as the adrenal function of our body.
As an effective alternative to coffee, maca maybe consumed for the reduction of fatigue and improvement in performance.

Instead of coffee powder, many add a bit of maca to their smoothies or milk to start their day right in the morning.


We all know the benefits of vitamins and minerals when it comes to improving our general health. Vitamins and minerals work by removing toxins and enhancing energy levels. You can get them from food sources like green leafy vegetables, fruit, and even as over-the-counter supplements.
Vitamin B is an essential vitamin that can improve your mood, focus, and concentration. Ensure that you don’t have a vitamin B deficiency (a health issue that is becoming extremely common these days), or else, you will suffer from poor concentration, fatigue, and mood swings. To prevent this from happening, supplement your body with plenty of vitamins and minerals.


Aside from being a refreshing drink, peppermint tea is another healthy alternative for those looking to take a break from their coffee addiction.
Studies have shown that peppermint tea can boost sports and exercise performance, and increase mental capabilities by providing more oxygen concentration to the brain.
You can prepare this tea any time of the day without any hassle. Just add a few fresh or dried leaves of the peppermint plant to hot water and let it steep for a few minutes.


Cordyceps are a type of medicinal mushroom used in Chinese medicine. They are known to fight ageing, improve endurance and aerobic performance, as well as augment energy levels. So if you’re suffering from an afternoon fatigue spell but have to keep going, add some Cordyceps powder to your favourite oats, smoothie, or tea, and gain a big boost of mid-day energy.


This nutritious food is a healthy substitute for chocolate. It’s particularly famous for being full of nutritious elements! This coffee alternative is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins A and B, protein and a few minerals. It also has plenty of pinitol, which has insulin-like properties and minerals that are valuable sources of energy.
In addition to that, the food can also deliver digestive health benefits to fight off sluggish digestion. And just in case you don’t know yet, a sluggish digestive system is a major cause of an energy sap.
Because carob is sweeter than cocoa, it can also be used instead of artificial sugar to sweeten hot chocolate or smoothie.


Nuts are the perfect, balanced snack food, high in fat, carbohydrates and protein. They can keep you feeling energised and fuller for longer by balancing your body’s source of energy fuel.
You can also stay sharp when snacking on nuts because it has been proven that nuts can improve brainwave frequencies associated with mental cognition. For example, walnuts are great sources of nutrients that can pump up learning and memory skills.
Studies have also revealed that eating nuts may delay the progression or onset of Alzheimer’s disease. More so, walnuts have about twice the antioxidant content of common nuts.


This flowering plant is known for improving memory and attention while also increasing stamina and energy levels. You can easily get it in the form of a supplement from medicinal markets.



Boost your energy without the jittery effects of caffeine! Instead of coffee, try some of these natural alternatives, which will not only increase your energy levels, pump up your mood, and improve focus, but will also not cause any harm to your health.

Be sure to stock up on these items in your pantry and get onboard the healthy energy train naturally!

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