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7 Fashion Items You Can Share with Your Partner

by Out and About Mag.

Wearing your husband’s clothes seems like an unspoken taboo but don’t we all love to do that? Especially when nothing looks more appealing than pulling over his comfy tee, giving you all the more reason to embrace the warmth of your man, not to mention the manly-scent when he’s not around, totally guilt-free!
If besties can share a wardrobe for a night out, why not swap a closet with your spouse? Not that he’s going to complain. There will probably be many hidden gems you are both unaware of. Make use of these seven clothing items we’ve put together in this post!

Caps and Hats

Seriously. Whether the two of you are off to a cricket or football match, you can both whip out baseball caps or bobble hats to wear on such sporty occasions. If he happens to own only one, no harm in sharing it for half the time each. To be honest, there are no rules when it comes to wearing caps.
We personally find that these look very sexy on a woman. Plus, they serve as the perfect accessory for a bad hair day or for changing up your look!

Denim Jackets

He looks hot in denim? Remember, two can play this game! We believe style shouldn’t be concerned with the sex of a person: nowadays, fashion is mostly unisex anyway. As long as it looks good on you, wear it with confidence.
A denim jacket is certainly great to up your game. Your man won’t question it as long as his wife’s looking swell! Denim jackets are versatile and can be worn at any time, any day with anything. Wear it with a plain, long black body-con dress or pull it off with a plain white T-shirt and denim jeans. Or, you can both go matchy-matchy as the picture shows.


The difference between sunglasses for men and women? Female sunglasses have much curvier frames. But, seriously. Nobody’s going to come that close and be able to tell if the frames are fit for a woman. Even sunglasses need to stop body shaming. Whether you’re a woman with curves or without - chin up and wear your husband’s sunnies. If he doesn’t pick holes in that, why would you, girl?
If the glasses fit nicely and don’t look awkward, wear them and thank us later. Just so you know, gradient- coloured frames and aviator sunglasses are even better. Twinning them on the beach with your spouse may set you apart from the rest in a cute, smart way. Sun protection can be a couple’s thing, yeah?


Thank the Lord that Converse shoes are unisex and that your hubby is gentleman enough to lend you his pair (which he would, else the purpose of this post will be pointless.) Pray and hope you both have the same or similar shoe size. If they fit you (happy squealing), pair them with your favourite jeans, pants, or trousers. Also, they look bomb with long, flowy dresses and pleated skirts.
Do your thing, and nobody will know it’s your husband’s. Be sure not to get them dirty, since you know what a clean freak he can sometimes be.

The Warmies - sweaters, mufflers and socks

Okay, we know we cheated a bit there, but we’d like to clarify a few things. We’re pretty sure you both own a wardrobe brimming full of sweaters, socks, and mufflers that collect dust at the back. What do you do? Get those out, style and use them.
Sweaters and mufflers aren’t the only wonderful options to protect yourself from the cold. You could still catch a cold with them on. Socks, on the other hand, are “must-haves” and nothing can go wrong with sharing a pair or two - since socks are pretty much concealed inside shoes.
If you’re all about oversized sweaters, raiding your man’s wardrobe is the way to go, trust us! Pair them with pants! If you come upon a few turtlenecks, they look excellent with long skirts or loose casual maxis.

Striped or White Button-downs

A white or striped T-shirt would do too, but a button-down is on its own level. Effortless and chic as well as versatile! Plus, we’re certain there will be loads in your hubby’s wardrobe.
You could style one with a nice pair of jeans, go white-on-white with contrasting or nude shoes, or tuck it into a skirt with a belt if it’s too loose.
Also, high-waisted trousers can prove to be extremely spiffy to style the white button-down elegantly. This makes for one beautiful office look as well.


Surprise, surprise! Now, you can swap watches because the latest designs are unisex. Even if yours is not, don’t fret. Look for your partner’s leather strap watch, which makes for a perfect.... fashionable piece. Strap watches are dapper- looking and totally spruce up your wrist. I mean, there should be no restraints on swapping time, right?
If there’s no leather strap, don’t let that stop you from stealing his chain wristwatch. We’d say both would go, depending on how you dress them up or dress them down - for a more feminine touch, laden your fingers with rings and steel bracelets.


There’s no wall between a husband and a wife! Swapping and scrambling about with fashion items will both deepen your friendship and work as a space-saving factor. Specifically, when you are travelling and have limited luggage space. You can always trust each other for certain “essentials.” No hard feelings!



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