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Abu Dhabi: Home quarantine without use of wristbands

by Out and About Mag.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for the Covid-19 Pandemic has approved home quarantine without the use of wristbands for international travellers and those in contact with positive cases, effective Sunday, 19 September 2021. Positive cases must still wear a wristband.

The decision follows the implementation of enhanced precautionary measures.

no wristband

The committee has approved continued strict adherence to home quarantine procedures and required testing schedules based on personal responsibility and monitoring by healthcare systems to ensure compliance with precautionary measures. Violators will be reported to the Attorney-General.

The committee urges all citizens, residents and visitors to continue adhering to precautionary measures to protect public health and safety, maintain successes, and advance the nation’s sustainable recovery.


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