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Abu Dhabi: Private School Teachers can Opt for SARS-Cov-2 Vaccine (Vero Cell)

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According to a circular given to private schools in Abu Dhabi, teachers and staff who access classrooms and interact with students frequently are identified as frontline workers and can opt to take the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (Vero Cell).

Although the Vero Cell vaccine is currently in the third phase of clinical trials, this rollout is no longer part of the trials, and the actual vaccine will be administered.

The vaccine is free of charge and optional. It is also available to those with chronic diseases. However, their eligibility will be determined by a medical team.

It will not be available to women who are pregnant, lactating or planning to get pregnant.Vero Cell

The Vero Cell vaccine consists of two doses that will be administered over the course of 35 days.

On the first day, the 1st dose is injected after a nurse's assessment, doctor's examination and a blood test. The patient is then observed for 30 minutes. In the second stage, the patient will receive a phone call from the staff for a checkup.

In the 3rd week, the patient will receive another dose of the vaccine after a nurse's assessment and doctor's examination. On day 35, there will be a follow-up visit in which the patient will go through a medical assessment, physician examination and a final blood test.

The circular offered additional information that stated that the vaccine could cause mild reactions or side effects in some patients (which may go away without treatment for some). For severe reactions, the patients can call a hotline.

At the time of the circular, participants opting to take with the vaccine will still be expected to take routine checks at their schools and will still be tested at the Abu Dhabi border. That rule may change later.

Participants will be able to check their status on the ALHOSH application after their checkup on the 14th day.

Those opting to take the vaccine must complete a survey by noon on Tuesday, September 29th.

For further information, contact 02 819 1111



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