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Abu Dhabi: Public school staff eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

by Out and About Mag.

Public school staff in Abu Dhabi can now opt for the COVID-19 vaccines that are being offered in the UAE under emergency approval to frontline workers.

Teaching staff, administrative staff and their families should register before September 24 if they would like to receive their vaccine.

They may register on a voluntary basis.

A circular distributed to public school heads state that teachers, academic staff and their adult first-degree relatives have been categorised as priority groups for receiving the vaccine.

The vaccine reportedly generated antibodies in volunteers during the first two trial phases conducted in China. The third phase is currently ongoing in various countries, including the UAE. Preliminary announcements about the Phase III trials in the UAE shows that the vaccine is effective, and does not have any major side effects, even in the 1,000 people trialled with chronic conditions.



UAE Health Minister receives first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

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