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Back to Basics: Practical Ways to Improve Yourself

by Out and About Mag.

Back to Basics: Practical Ways to Improve Yourself

You are responsible for your own progress. What and where you are today are the results of your past and present actions. If you want to achieve great results from your efforts, work on yourself first. Keep improving yourself—after all; you’re a work in progress.

By having a so-called growth mindset, you will be able to unlock your potential to its full capacity. Whenever you think you’re already good at something, you can always be better. In pursuit of constant self-improvement, successful people practise these nine basic habits that you can accomplish with patience and dedication.

Reading books regularly 

According to a study, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies read about 4 - 5 books a month—an impressive habit that they can do despite working in a demanding executive role. Reading is a stimulating mental activity that can boost your working memory and language proficiency, not to mention the added knowledge from informative and expositional articles. Reading on a daily basis also strengthens neural connections in the brain, contributing to overall brain health and slowing down late-life cognitive impairment.

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet

Look after your body by eating healthy and balanced meals daily. Having a regular balanced diet ensures that you’re getting adequate nutritional support for your brain and body, allowing you to perform at your optimum levels. 

Exercising regularly

Exercising regularly improves your overall health, physical stamina and mood. People who exercise regularly are able to perform better at physical and mental tasks. Highly effective people know very well that they should invest in their own health and wellness to be able to do more—and you should too. 

Planning and organising activities

Successful people lead meaningful lives that are built on structured schedules and organised workflows. Proper planning enables them to prioritise and compartmentalise goals and activities by assessing their necessity, urgency and required resources of the tasks they need to accomplish. 

Waking up early

People who tend to wake up earlier than most are known to be more productive than night owls. As most activities tend to happen during the daytime, successful people make sure to wake up before sunrise to get ready to take on the challenges of the day. Truly, Benjamin Franklin’s quote will never go out of style: Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

Taking risks and overcome fears

Stepping out of your comfort zones is one of the habits you need to acquire on your path to success. Returns necessitate the acceptance of risk. If you want to be successful, you must brace yourself for you will encounter risks and uncertainties along the way.

Enhancing your skills

Being good at something should not stop you from getting even better at it, nor should it prevent you from acquiring a new skill. After all, the world is constantly evolving, and more companies are looking forward to hiring people in skill-based markets rather than traditional talent acquisition platforms.

Loving yourself

Perhaps this is the most important tip of all. Most of us do not prioritise our own selves, putting others first instead: be it work, family, friends or even loved ones. However, this attitude is counterproductive and hinders self-development. Love yourself—but not in the self-centred sense—if you want to improve remarkably and see things going your way. You need to accept who you are, including your strengths and weaknesses. This is a key factor to improve yourself.

Changing bad habits

Changing your unnecessary and unproductive habits is an acquired habit in itself. Most people tolerate their own misgivings and self-destructive habits as an escape route or acts of self-gratification. Resisting the pull of bad habits is a mark of a truly disciplined person—one who is committed to self-improvement.

The Growth Mindset: The Road to Self-Improvement

The more we grow and acquire maturity, the more we realise that there is so much that we do not know. The most successful and highly-effective people keep themselves productive, constantly aspiring for improvement and learning new things. They retain and practise healthy habits that uplift a holistic lifestyle that encourages productivity, mindfulness, and mental resilience while preserving a healthy mind and body as a means of improving yourself. 

Start incorporating these habits in your life and see the change for yourself. We wish you all the best in your personal journey of self-improvement!


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