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BEHIND THE BRAND with Igor Sergeev

by Out and About Mag.
Tell us a bit about yourself.

THE BRAND with Igor SergeevMy name is Igor Sergeev, and I’m a 28-year-old businessman. I was born in Russia, in the small town of Aksay in the Rostov Region. Most of my childhood and youth were spent in Ukraine. I am the son of an amazing woman who gave me the right education and the best childhood!

I know for sure that there are no bad people; it’s only how you perceive certain situations. I love life, nature and people. I believe that every day you need to start with a smile and thank God for the day! I believe in the mission of every person; I am sure that good always conquers evil! The main thing in life in all situations is to remain human and make sure your conscience is clear!

 How long are you doing your business?

This year, I am celebrating ten years of my active business involvement in Ukraine, Russia and UAE. Main activities of my business are investment, marketing, event management, network and sales systems, public relations, company branding and personal brand development. 

Over these ten years, I curated more than 200 events, released 20 magazine issues, I shot more than 20 TV shows and created more than 50 brand books. In Russia and Ukraine, I am engaged in servicing businesses in the field of marketing. We have a large business club of entrepreneurs and a business magazine. I’ve been developing my company in Dubai for five years.

Let me tell you more about my current focal projects.

BigUAEgiveaway is the only social media fest on Instagram in the UAE. We have over 30 ambassador influencers. We collaborated with more than 100 companies. This is a great platform that allows you to grow your business and personal brand in social media.

Quality Standard is a marketing and events management firm associated with an international club of successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. Quality Standard engages in the development of personal and corporate branding. 

Dubai People, on the other hand, is our new platform that we are proud to present on the eve of Expo 2020! Dubai People is a brand new platform that aims to convene and foster strong, dynamic business relationships among the top personalities and influential figures in the field of business, management and leadership in the United Arab Emirates. In its first year, Dubai People shall invite 100 successful professionals in the UAE through the recommendation of its founders and current members. The project aims to seek the visionaries and strategists for the future of business, industry and professional ventures in the country.

What is success?

I believe that success is an integral part of every person’s life. Success for each and everyone is a self-definition. It is not necessarily about money; it is much more than that. Seeing successful people helps me get motivation to develop even more. I really want people to lose envy and instead get motivated. To achieve, receive, develop, and enjoy—this is success!

How do you define an entrepreneur?

I am pleased with the game of life itself, the game on how to make an achievement, the game of implementation of goals and plans, and of course, the game of the results! An entrepreneur is a person with a risk-taking attitude, a person that loves a good challenge, a person who pushes himself in the back everyday and kicks! Real entrepreneurs never give up.

What are your hobbies?

I rarely read literature, but I try to choose the best books. 48 Laws of Power is a very controversial work. I re-read it several times, and I discover something new for myself every time. I also engage in sports. In my childhood, I participated in agrobotics and dancing. I also like big tennis. Music is also a part of my soul. I regularly go to the gym and music helps in keeping a strong spirit. I also consider speaking with wise people as a great hobby of mine.

How do you make a final decision?

My final decision is not negotiable. When in doubt, I will consult with my relatives. I like to discuss new ideas with my team, and I listen to the opinion of professionals. But if I finally decide on something, then this is not subject for discussion. I believe that a man should make decisions and act. Talk less, act more. 

What advice are you remembering to keep yourself going?

One advice: Igor, you're doing everything right!

Tips on how to gain success.

There is a formula: it is your conscience. If you do everything with honesty, then you are guaranteed success!

How do you handle failures?

Of course, such moments arise in life. I always tell myself - Igor, it is a part of your path, this is an experience; this is not complexity—this is a new stage to become even stronger. We always have time to surrender, and surrender is not for us!

Can you share with us one failure you had?

If we are talking about failure in business, then I have a story. Military operations began in my country, and everything was quiet in my city. I decided to open a business centre. I thought about it for a long time, and I worked at it. The hostilities did not stop me. A month later, the war began in my city, just as soon as we opened the business centre that we worked developing for two months. At some point, we lost everything: our homes, businesses, and even loved ones. I took a chance and lost, but honestly, I do not regret it. You can’t even imagine how much stronger I have become.

 How did you help yourself to be popular?

I started a business in another city and entered the business market faster so that more people would recognise me. Then I decided to print myself on the cover of my magazine. Yes, it might not be modest, but it really paid off! A lot of people recognised me in a month. I even received a prize: Business Breakthrough of the Year in Crimea. I worked a lot on my projects, and the magazine helped me to become more popular, which is very important in the media business.

If you will be publishing a book, what will it be? 

It would be a storybook compiled from the history of people from different corners of the planet. I would also love to publish psychological books as well.

How do you set your goals to achieve success?

I believe that I am getting closer to success every day. I work 24/ 7. More precisely, I constantly think. I have a law for myself: the weekends should always be my day off. It is important to set goals and achieve them. Talk less, do more!

What advice can you give to the people who want to start their own business?

The advice is simple—it’s not easy in Dubai. There is a large flow of new entrepreneurs, new ideas and events. Continuously working can help you to achieve something. In Dubai, recommendations are important for businesses and I really like it. Make one client happy, and they will bring you five more clients. You need the right social circle. If you decide to open a business, then write to me, we will help.

 What is your personal motto?

My motto in life is there is no limit to perfection. Personal development above all!

What are your desires in life?

I have two children and a happy family. I'm on the Forbes list. I also know two foreign languages. I recorded my third music album, and I learned how to pilot a plane. Of course, I still want to achieve more in life.

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