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Behind the Brand with Salama Mohamed, Owner of Peacefull

by Out and About Mag.
Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hmm, who is Salama Mohamed? I’m a wife and mother to two beautiful children, but I’m always evolving—Salama of today is not of yesterday and is not of tomorrow. I’m trying to be a great role model for my community whilst bringing happiness to those around me.


I want to give people the confidence to be comfortable in their skin and thus be at peace. And if I can leave the world a little more Peacefull than I met it, then I would have lived a full life.

 Tell us about your newly launched brand and its mission.

I strongly believe that being at peace with your skin is the highest form of self-love—that is the Peacefull message. Peacefull is a skincare brand from the region for the region!


How did the name Peacefull come about?

I’ve always said that being at peace in your skin is the highest form of self-love and, I’m not sure if you know, but Salama, my name, means peace and safety, so there was such a direct link that it just felt right. And we specifically spell with a double ‘l’ to emphasise how Peacefull our products are and make you feel!

Why the beauty industry?

Honestly, we didn’t think of the beauty industry, or any industry for that matter, when creating Peacefull. We wanted to create a lifestyle for people! We wanted a brand that seamlessly fit into people’s lives—to be as simple as it is to brush your teeth or take a shower every day. Think, a simple hygienic lifestyle.

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  Who uses the Peacefull range?

We are an inclusive brand made for everyone—all genders, all nationalities, all skin types—and sensitive skin for those aged 18 and above.

 How has your added vitiligo beauty impacted the creation of the Peacefull range?

I’ve been blessed with vitiligo and sensitive skin from early on, so I’ve always searched for skincare products that would provide my skin with what it needed, but couldn’t find ones that hit the mark for me. Eventually, through my search, I stumbled on Korean skincare and discovered the healing powers of active ingredients through the 10-step skincare routine, and I have not looked back since! I swear by it; it completely changed my skin and my relationship with skincare.

This ultimately led to me creating Peacefull, which you can say started out of necessity because I needed products that would help my sensitive skin. After finding Korean skincare and active ingredients, I wanted to share formulas that work with my community because I truly believe we all deserve good skincare!


What is your definition of beauty?

To be comfortable in your skin.

What is your message to women who want to step out into entrepreneurship?

You can do it! Not just women, but everyone!

 What’s that one quote that you live by?

There are two quotes I love. The first is from Maya Angelou, who said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” This, essentially, means that if you have a dream or idea, you must do everything in your power to bring it to fruition, or you may never be satisfied.

And the second is by Kris Jenner, which says, “If somebody says, 'No', you're asking the wrong person." This has taught me to never take no for an answer.




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