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Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world after water. In fact, the world’s consumption is predicted to grow 15% over the period between 2016 to 2021. There is no doubt why. This super drink is not only refreshing during stressful days and warming through chilly nights but also has daily fitness improving qualities. 

For centuries, tea has also been a great source of comfort and medication. With a chock full of benefits, it is also a favourite among health and fitness buffs. But can it really improve fitness? Is it really good for you? 


The underappreciated beverage has turned out to be a great sports performance drink. Here’s why. Beyond health, tea is also sports and performance-enhancing – but the natural way. Athletes who want to play better sip tea instead of any other beverage like coffee or soda. Let’s discuss more in the following.  


Keep your cells hydrated! It is one of the things to remember if you want to improve your workouts. Or else, dehydration knocks at the door and impedes performance. It also leads to problems like fatigue and cramps. 

So if you don’t want to end up on the bench in sports, you should keep your cells hydrated with tea, which has the same hydrating properties as water. It can help improve performance, not to mention it has a refreshing flavour but without sugar. 


Athletes and fitness seekers drink tea versus soda because the latter is loaded with sugar, additives and caffeine. Tea has mild stimulating properties, just enough to keep you going but without causing crashes – like what sugar does. 

Prevent crashes which also come from coffee’s caffeine, with tea instead. Even if it has caffeine, it has lower amounts versus what coffee has. Tea can help you stay stimulated for an early morning workout or sports practice, and keep you feeling energised to face the rest of the day. 

As a tip, you can drink green tea after practice for rehydration. So, you can raise your awareness levels, especially on days when you need to get through and overcome pressure. Get that extra push in performance! Drink tea with just the right amount of caffeine, which is one of the most proven performance enhancers in the world. 


Green tea extract can stimulate lipid use and improve endurance capacity. In terms of stamina and endurance, tea can help in improving fatty acid utilisation as an energy source that encourages metabolic capacity increase. 

And during aerobic activity, green tea, in particular, can improve your performance due to increased endurance. Contributing to this action is the increase in one’s ability to burn fat as fuel. It turns out that green tea can also help to increase body composition and prioritising fat storage over glycogen. 


Working out and being active can make you feel exhausted and sick from time to time, especially if you don’t have a strong immune system. To prevent this from happening, you must learn how to improve fitness, and one of the best ways to do that is regular tea consumption. 

Tea is a potent source of antioxidants, particularly catechins. They aid in cancer prevention as well as lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. 

In addition, tea helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels and increasing dental health. This wonder drink can also prevent diabetes, improve focus and energy and manage weight. 


Inflammation due to oxidative stress is a common concern among fitness enthusiasts because it can deteriorate bone and muscle health over time. Whenever you work out, you add more stress to your bones and muscles, which holds back your strength. 

Exercise causes stress to the body, which has to take on more of it as you push harder. Over time, your strength builds up due to that added stress! However, you should take care of your body, which accumulates stress and suffers from inflammation while you’re in progress. For this reason, learn to add healthy habits like drinking tea known for its polyphenols compounds that aid in productive workouts and improved body shape. 


Post-workout soreness is a challenge among athletes, powerlifters, runners and fitness seekers, so they need recovery. 

If you want to reduce recovery time, you should drink tea that can do that for you. Otherwise, you might not achieve faster gains, which are only possible with a faster recovery. Green tea, in smaller doses, can help reduce chronic fatigue. Both green and white teas neutralise free radicals, which exercise can produce, and enhance the immune system.


Improve and sharpen your focus with tea, such as sage tea, which can also support the nervous and neural system function as well as improve blood circulation to the brain. To keep track of your reps and sets, drink rosemary tea for improved memory. 


You don’t just achieve strong bones by drinking milk but also tea, which can help to prevent bone loss related to ageing. 

Certain studies have shown that it could support osteoblastic activities and bone mineral density. It could also reduce bone fracture risk and help in bone formation. 


Reach your workout goals faster by incorporating tea, which can help you manage or lose weight in your fitness regimen! As a result, you’ll lose weight faster because tea can aid in metabolism and burn more calories. 


Sip your tea and calm down after a tiring fitness regimen. It can help you relax, boost brain dopamine levels, and increase motivation. 

Tea boosts dopamine supply in brain areas that need it the most. It’s beneficial for your creativity, performance and mood. 

Dopamine aids in transmitting motivation and reward signals aside from relaxing the muscles and aiding them to move smoothly. 

Tea can help improve fitness, health and wellness. Adding it to your fitness routine, workouts and sports practices can up your performance, improve motivation, and enhance overall results. It can also calm you down, improve bone and oral health, and strengthen the immune system. Start reaping all these benefits by incorporating tea in your diet! 


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