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Creating your own luck

by Out and About Mag.

Creating your own luck

While most people deem luck as mere chance, it’s high time that this notion is defied, and power is shifted.

For as long as it can be remembered, one could categorise themselves as one of many people roaming the planet, facing an array of chapters in their life that have added mileage to their collection of lessons. Throughout this lifelong journey it’s pretty accurate to say that many have been spectators of others’ successes; witnessing them bask in their fateful glory, some incidents happening through cause and effect and some by luck. To many, luck is seen as a sovereign element that chooses who it wants to embrace at any given moment; but it’s time to think otherwise. With a new year and decade commencing; it is essential to tighten the hold on the reins of chance.

Creating your own luck shouldn’t be complex; it should feel natural, like a subtle attachment to daily habits. These 5 pointers are helpful in assisting you to hone your luck-creating skills.

  1.   Put yourself in lucks way

Living in a world where opportunity is in abundance; the problem lies in the fact that there are many that fail to see it that way. A lot of people are either walking down the path of comfort trying to avoid change at all costs or suppressing their gut feeling to take a leap of faith. One can only experience luck once they position themselves in its direction; this proves that luck isn’t as random as what it is made out to be. It’s not merely the ‘right place, right time’ ideology but rather knowing where there is a chance and ensuring that the necessary efforts are placed on that chance.

 In the words of Thomas Jefferson; “I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it”. It is clear that Mr Jefferson has ownership over luck, it is no longer an independent clause, in summation of this point;


  1.   Find gatekeepers

A gatekeeper is a person who controls access to something or someone. This means that luck isn’t necessarily a formless substance; it can come in the form of a person. Gatekeepers are the important figures in securing luck because they have the power to increase or diminish chances. They are the significant people in networking because it is one thing for someone to know where chances are and to position themselves, but if they don’t have access, their efforts will produce stagnant results. Instead one must focus on making themselves a person of value; there is an adage that goes; People are more interested in what you can give them, which isn’t a bad thing because it will be a driving force in finding what one can give to prove themselves worthy of access to prominent personages.

  1.   Behave and act lucky

 Ambitions are beautiful expressions of what individuals see in themselves; they act like a screen projecting the final product of affirmations. But why is it that many are quick to dismiss the reflections they long to fulfil? They forget the importance of encapsulating what they are after. Embodiment is crucial because it ensures the assurance that the individual is the best and only suitor for their goals. One thing that is definite through this journey is momentary self-doubt; but like a sculpture stuck in a wedge of marble, one must continue to chisel and polish their body language and mannerisms. A persons’ handle on life speaks volumes about what they want, and so luck corresponds naturally.

  1.   Believe you are lucky

It all begins in the mind; after all the mind is a powerful thing. To expand; take this study that was done to prove the power of the mind, where overweight hotel maids who surpassed the recommended amount of exercise, did not consider themselves physically active. It was predicted that the maid’s viewpoints on their physical activity made it difficult for them to lose weight. To test this half of the maids, took their physical measurements and were informed that they were exceeding the recommended amount of exercise. The other half didn’t receive information. After a month, re-evaluation results showed the maids that were evaluated and given information had a decrease in systolic blood pressure, weight, and waist-to-hip ratio, while the other group’s results were insignificant. The researcher accredited the physical and mental benefits to a simple change in mindset. Many consider themselves far from lucky, what they fail to understand is that life is an intricately pieced puzzle; with every piece holding a profound remnant that will echo when necessary. Look around and appreciate the incredibility of existence and that life is progressing in its direction for a reason.

  1.   Be persistent with a definition of purpose

Appreciation is a result of the effects of efforts; it’s really all about the little things. Like when one decides to continually position themselves in any situation for luck to come their way, despite the chances that will leave them unaffected or even feeling unlucky. Persistence is a rewarding key in the game of luck. Imagine witnessing the construction of a wall that is the essence of accomplishment. Each brick is laid with the greatest capacity; incorporated with mannerisms and a positive mindset. As the bricks continue to be laid, soon, a wall is present that communicates who the builder is. This wall has clefts and edges that enhance its value and enrich the builder and their purpose. Therefore; seek purpose through events that happen as the wall is being built.

Moreover; there has never been a better time to start than now- yes; right now. Words that resonate with someone only mean so much until they make the actions that express their true value. It is one thing for a person to know their purpose and that they are lucky; a lot of people do this, but the significance is held by those who exemplify their purpose and luck without having to be reminded.

Go ahead and start creating your own luck.

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