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Cross-train your mind, body and soul

by Out and About Mag.

We all have our fair share of work related stressors coupled with managing the demands of our personal lives. Often, these responsibilities can easily pile up and lead to life’s imbalances.

Regrettably, prolonged periods and consistent episodes of anxieties can also take a damaging toll on our health. However, it’s not only our physical well-being affected by the imbalance, but also our mind and soul.

That is why exercise may not be enough to regain control of our lives and achieve happiness and health. One important consideration we each should make to create a rich and healthy lifestyle is to focus on cross-training our mind, body and soul. I’d like to share a few proven and effective simple ways to cross-train holistically – physically, mentally and spiritually – and achieve balance in all facets of our lives.


1. Express gratitude: Simple gestures like showing appreciation for the tiniest gifts like offering smiles or even a compliment to a stranger on the elevator, is one of the best ways to achieve happiness and keep those feel-good hormones flooding your system.

2. Get quality, restorative sleep: Having adequate hours of sleep every night is regenerative for your body because it promotes overall health and improves mood. For the brain, a good sleep translates to better cognition and mind clarity. You can be sure to maintain a balance in your life by getting the sleep that your spirit, mind and body requires!

3. Reflect: With life’s daily pressures, it is often hard to take some time to recognise the beauty surrounding us. Throughout the day, we tend to forget how rewarding it is to wake up to a new day or notice the beauty in the morning’s sunrise. I challenge you by the close of each day, to jot down a moment you are most grateful for throughout your day.

4. Stop for a while and breathe: Taking a break from time to time isn’t bad at all. If you’re looking to reduce stress and to boost productivity and prevent feeling bogged down by work pressure, stop for a while and breathe. Perhaps enrolling in a yoga class would be beneficial in learning various breathing techniques.

5. Use essential oils: Can’t sleep? Relax and keep your brain from wandering at night and sleep well with essential oils. Essential oils like lavender and peppermint can promote sleep and reduce stress.

6. Practice deep breathing: It is one of simplest ways we can connect our mind, body and soul. Learn how to breathe consciously with awareness and to restore balance. You can also reduce depression and anxiety by focusing on breathing.

7.Exercise regularly: Be sure to look for one you enjoy so that it will feel less like a chore and more of an interest. Ultimately, this lifestyle change will flood your system with endorphins.

8. Try grounding: Another simple way of cross-training your mind, body and soul is planting your bare feet on the ground as often as you can. Also called earthing, grounding reduces inflammation and increases antioxidants. And the best part, it also calms our mind because it improves the relationship among the planet’s natural charge, the earth’s electrons and our bodies.

9. Choose and eat organic foods: Crops treated with pesticides and herbicides and grown with chemical fertilizers are not good for your health. Avoid them. Instead, load your diet with plant-based and organic foods, such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and whole grains that can support healthy cell function and energise your system. It also improves mental health and keeps you spiritually inspired and enlightened.

10. Use a shower filter: One thing I also discovered that actually helps in restoring balance is installing a shower filter to keep chlorine and other toxins from damaging your skin.

11. Smile more. Frown less: Don’t take life too seriously. Or else, you will miss many good times it has to offer. Simply smiling in front of a mirror or alone, can make you feel great and reduce wrinkles and the fine lines caused by frowning.

12. Travel: Rewire your entire well-being by exploring and learning about other cultures through travel. You should do it as often as you can. After all, travelling also gives your mind and body a break. Do it alone or with company and get the most of it.

13. Do yoga: Practising yoga not only strengthens your body and improves its flexibility, but it also relaxes the mind. It also builds awareness and helps kick bad habits. 1

4. Live at the moment: Spend some time with your spouse, children or support system, but without devices and distractions. Be present! It does not only help you nourish relationships, but also creates beautiful memories and experiences.

15. Recognise your mistakes and forgive yourself: Do not let your past destroy you or your happiness. Learn from your mistakes, try not to recommit them and live in the present. Accept the mistakes that have happened, recognize the lessons learned and forgive yourself immediately.

16. Cut major stressors: Whether it is a job you hate, clutter or anything that makes you stressed, you have to cut them out to achieve balance. It also includes cutting unhealthy relationships. After all, you cannot thrive with these stressors every waking day. You deserve to be happy.

17. Meditate: In addition to doing yoga, you must also engage in meditation, a scientifically proven way of improving physical and mental health. Practising it daily, you can connect with your inner self and lower your stress levels. Meditation can also make you more aware, compassionate and conscious by “being present.”

18. Spend time with nature: You can begin by packing your bag and venturing outside onto some walking or hiking trails or getting some sunlight. Once you are reconnected with nature, your overall psychological health will improve. Just do it!

19. Avoid negative people: Instead, surround yourself with those that support your happiness and make you feel great. Avoid people who love to gossip and have a whole load of drama to share.

20. Live your passion: There’s nothing more fulfilling than living the life you want (and deserve). One way to do it is living your passion which can empower you to do things that make you feel free and more creative. Doing something you love even with just a little bit of your time and feel more alive.

Are you ready to cross-train your body, mind and soul?

It’s about time… the time to live the life you deserve! Practise these simple, but effective ways of creating that balance you need for happiness, healthy and holistic living.

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