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Dress to Suit Your Body Shape

by Out and About Mag.

Dressing up is fun and exciting–simply because the options are endless! You have the luxury to choose anything to wear, be it your favourite LBD or your go-to sweatshirt. But sometimes, what feels good does not always look good on your frame. That is why you need to embrace your body first. Trends come and go, but it’s your body that stays. So find the best style that flatters your body that makes you feel and look good at the same time. Here’s how to dress according to your body shape:


Probably the most popular yet challenging body type. Apple-shaped women often feature a body with a bit of a belly–hence the name ‘apple’. Plus, this shape comes with broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips and legs.

With no defined waist, you tend to conceal the excess weight on your stomach with loose garments. But there are plenty of ways to dress up if you have a triangle downward shape! Accentuate your assets, which are your cleavage and slender legs. Play with colours and layers to create an appealing illusion of a leaner midsection.

Make the most out of your neckline because you have a broader bust. Opt for clothes that draw emphasis to your bust section like flares, off-the-shoulders, tunic tops and V-necks. You can also tuck in tops to bring out some style. And don’t forget to pick a well-fitting bra to create a nice silhouette. Take advantage of tailored jackets to spell out your personal fashion sense, as well as hide the unwanted weight on your mid-area.

Pair your shirts with short skirts or body-hugging shorts to emphasise your legs. Skinny jeans and flared pants are a great match too. High-rise styles with a nice stretch can also work wonders. And to draw the attention away from your tummy, spark some dimensions to the bottom section of your body. Let prints and patterns do the talking. If you love wearing skirts, you can take maximum advantage of these elements.

Dresses that do not cling too much on your body are another best option. Cocktail dresses with loose bottom fittings give you the comfort and style most suitable for your body.


Banana-shaped women have a well-balanced proportion, from the shoulders down to the hips. Sometimes, their waist measurement is less than 9 inches than the bust and hip dimension. Even if they are not principally curvy, they have one of the easiest body shapes to style. They can create a beautiful silhouette if they maximise styling options to fit their rectangular shape. For those with straight body type, your legs and arms are your assets. Technically, banana is similar to an hourglass form, less the well-defined waist and smaller hips.

Lean towards solid colours, but occasionally strike some drama with the help of tailored blazers or long jackets. If you have a longer neck and smaller bust, work on high necklines to add definition to your upper body. Sleeveless, halters, strapless and ruffles are styles that complement this body type. Plunge dresses are great too!

Note that you have to define your lower body well, so pay attention to picking the right pair of bottoms. Choose slightly flared pants or A-line skirts that add dimension to your legs. Skinny jeans are also nice but make sure that these perfectly fit your booty area to create that needed balance.





Pear-shaped bodies have smaller bust dimensions and bigger hip measurements. With this body type, the focus is on your lower part. So that’s where you accentuate your appeal. Your fuller hips can help create a beautiful illusion of well-balanced shape. Accentuate your curvy waist by wearing clothes that enhance its shape. Flaunt your wide hips and full booty like a pro!

Fitted tops are perfect for this body shape. So are crop tops, boat and V-necks. Button down shirts can also complement this body type because they provide a striking balance to your body outline. And because you have a smaller bust, opt for tops that add a dash of style and sophistication to your upper and mid-section like those embellished necklines and flares. Throw some features to your shoulders with a cardigan or blazer. Utilise layering to maintain that balance and nice silhouette. Ruffles and patterned tops do well to provide you with a more defined and stylish aura.

For your bottom, high-rise pants and A-line skirts match your upper body. But since you have a narrower waist and wider hips, you can take advantage of skinny jeans and pencil skirts. These bottoms highlight your natural shape.





Hourglass body shape is often the most coveted body type because it features equal measurement of the bust and hip. The properly-balanced body dimensions allow you to throw in different styles. With a chiseled body and a narrow waist, trail your curvy outline and don’t be afraid to flaunt your very feminine shape to the fullest. And if you want to achieve this body, exercise is the key!

Add some drama to your well-balanced figure by picking clothes that fit your curves well. Because you have a fuller bust, plunge tops and high neckline dresses look good on you. Peplum blouses and wrap tops as well as body-con dresses and fitted jumpsuits, help you emphasise your curves. And since you have thicker hips, you can wear almost any kind of bottom, ranging from high-waist pants to straight-cut trousers to pencil skirts. And to draw more attention to your figure, you can add a belt to the getup.


In a nutshell, knowing and loving your body type is the first step to appreciate the trends and love fashion. Remember, style becomes useless without the proper fit. So, accept your body shape and don’t aim to be like others. Be your own kind of beautiful. From there, you’ll see that fashion is truly an art a fascinating way to express your style and be comfortable in your own body.

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