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Dubai Frame Lit Up in the Fight Against Cervical Cancer

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Cervical Cancer

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, recently participated in the launch of the WHO Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer.

In recognition of the launch, MoHAP collaborated with Dubai Municipality to have the Dubai Frame lit up in turquoise at 6 pm. This comes in conjunction with the illumination of the world's famous landmarks in turquoise, as a mark of the concerted efforts to eliminate cervical cancer. This includes conducting early screening for target groups and encouraging them to get the HPV Vaccine, as well as treating detected cases in early stages to achieve high recovery rates.

Hussein Abdel Rahman Al-Rand, Undersecretary of the Ministry's Health Assistant Sector, Health Centers, and Clinics, pointed to the distinctive position of the UAE at the regional and global levels in the fight against cervical cancer. Al-Rand alluded to the development of national guidelines for the early screening of high-priority cancers, including cervical cancer by the Ministry of Health, in association with health authorities.

This comes as part of MoHAP's strategy to reduce cancer-related mortalities, in accordance with the national indicators of reducing the number of cancer deaths in order to achieve the National Agenda 2021.
Dr Hayat Abdullah, Coordinator of Early Cancer Detection Programme, reminded the public that the early screening services of cervical cancer are available in all primary health care centres, as part of the "Etmnan" and the "Cancer early screening" initiatives.

She added: "Women aged 25 – 29 years should conduct a Pap smears once every three years, and those aged 30 – 65 years should get tested every five years. The early screening for cervical cancer helps to increase opportunities for prevention and treatment and chances of survival."

Dr Laila Al-Jasmi, Head of the Immunization Section stated that "Since 2018, MoHAP has included the HPV Vaccine that causes cervical cancer as part of the National Immunization Programme, where the vaccine coverage rate reaches 82%. This makes the UAE one of the leading countries at regional and global levels in combating non-communicable diseases."



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