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Fashion Pieces that Will Not Go Out of Style!

by Out and About Mag.

Fashion is constantly changing with a change that could be increasingly low for one item (say: bootcut jeans, fedoras or graphic tees) and surprisingly high for another. However, some exceptions may stick around, mainly because people are not ready to give them up. Some fashion trends are endowed with universal appeal for all ages: always ‘in’ and timeless as always. 

Those are called the ‘classics’: the ones we whip out in times we prefer to express ‘safe’, acceptable fashion statements confidently. Let’s connect you with the ten fashion pieces that will never go out of style - even if you have personally discarded them before. 

A single ‘You’ doesn’t matter - the entire circle matters. It’s just that everybody has a different taste for classic pieces. 


Jeans are essential classics: a lasting symbol of youth rebellion and an indestructible piece of clothing of flexibility, mobility and hard labour. Thanks to its form-fitting versatility, jeans work for anybody at any time of the day. 

From the early 1870s, when a major designer brand patented the first pair of jeans, jeans have never lost their niche in the fashion market. Today, there are many types of jeans to choose from: boot cuts, slim types, loose, and flared varieties. An average woman owns seven pairs of jeans, so make sure to own a favourite pair, or ten—if you rock jeans every day of the week! 

Aviator Sunglasses 

Fashion gurus can tell that aviator sunglasses are here to stay. Originally intended to give pilots clear vision and protection for their eyes during flight, aviator sunglasses were developed in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb. Since their arrival, aviators have become iconic. They’re unisex (the Ray-Ban version!) and have remained in popularity ever since. Grab a pair to keep your eyes protected from harmful UV rays while sporting a cool and sexy vibe! 

Leather Jackets 

Action stars, rogue cowboys and badass motorcycle riders share a stereotyped fashion statement in movies and magazines: they love to sport leather jackets! Whether faded or glossy new, faux or authentic, leather jackets scream a strong and intimidating statement— radiating a raw, masculine aura. 

Designed as safety vests for protection, leather jackets are built to last and are made from thick and heavy tanned hide from cows, sheep and antelope. To some, these are not only flashy fashion symbols but also reliable protective equipment to prevent bodily injury and insulate the body from harsh temperatures. Paired with a simple tee and casual jeans, a leather jacket looks stunning and understatedly fashionable for both men and women. 


Trainers made for everyday wear and tear of exercise are glorified basics of the fashion and fitness world. These basics are absolute ‘must-haves’ for athletes, gym freaks and people on-the-go, with many types and varieties to choose from for every sport and user. As ubiquitous footwears, trainers are worn for their practical mobility and convenience. In the streets, schools, or even as part of semi-formal office attire, trainers are perfect for daily commuting and travel. 

Major brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Skechers release unique and innovative sports shoes every year, improving product materials and designs. Most designer brands add memory foams and recycled plastics in their trainers to enhance comfort and promote environmental sustainability. 

To spice up your everyday style, pair your semi-formal sleeved shirts and black fitted pants with white trainers. Rock the active look in the day and head straight to the gym after office hours! 

Three-Piece Suits 

Whether to dress up for a nerve-wracking presentation or a wedding, men and women are already up and ready in a three-piece suit without a moment’s delay. Suits are established formal classics, defining sophistication and professionalism. 

Before suiting up, we recommend having your trusted tailor custom-fit your apparel to enhance your figure. Burly or ill-fitting suits appear awkward, as well as unusual, showy patterns and colours. Do button your jacket when standing, and unbutton it when you’re seated. The waistcoat should be kept at length covering the belt section, but not too long as to drape over your legs. Mind the fabric as well! During summer, wear crisp and light fabrics. Go for textured jackets in winter to add flair to a cool evening dinner. Remember to keep a subtle expression and good posture to do justice to an exquisite three-piece suit—and be ready to be a head-turner. 

White Shirts 

For days when indecision and lack of style inspiration strike, a white shirt has to be the universal answer. White shirts are popular for their versatility and simplicity, and mainly because everyone embraces the concept of having at least one white shirt in the closet. 

Mainly reserved for casual Thursdays, quick brunches, or when you want to nail that flawless ‘blogger’ look, everyone has a different liking to a white shirt. Most people opt for the basic round- neck or V-neck T-shirts while others go for a crispier, button-downs. We love that everyone can wear white tees the way they want! 


Let all men and women stand upright at the mention of loafers. Yes, you heard us! This style isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Men may predominantly wear loafers, but more women are also embracing this trend. Just as many men and women love trainers, loafers, which are laceless and low, are comfortable, effortless, and can be both dressed up and dressed down. Whichever way you want to wear this classic footwear, whether paired with suits or jeans, loafers are versatile items you need on your shoe racks. 

Patterned Blazers 

Patterned blazers are not only chic and bold: these eclectic apparel can also bring out your shoulders and provide a cinched-in waist, resulting in a taller, slimmer frame. Blazers are here to stay, and we’re so glad they are. Not only do they look good on everyone, but they also make the perfect fashion accessory to dress up an outfit or dress down for a casual day. 

In the 1960s, striped blazers first became popular as more icons and celebrities donned unique patterns and fabrics. Since then, blazers have stayed in the fashion niche as a favourite classic. Today, men and women sport casual and formal looks with patterned blazers of their liking. 

Floral Prints 

Floral and nature-inspired prints are commonly associated with the colours of fall and summer, but with the right styling and vibrant confidence, you can make floral prints an all-season trend! 

Floral prints look pretty, delicate and dainty on everything—be it shirts, trousers, dresses, jumpsuits, and the list goes on. For men, donning a hibiscus-patterned shirt might be a tricky territory to embrace, but they can manage to look hot for a casual day at the beach or a family barbecue. Put on your florals with a confident smile and get blooming! 

Classic Analogue Watches 

Classic analogue watches are genuinely everlasting pieces that will stay in fashion for years to come. The vintage appearance of the dial paired with the warm texture of the leather strap sets analogue watches apart from even the most fashionable styles of digital watches today. 

Watches are items of investment which can be passed from generation to generation, like a bequest or family heirloom. Minimalist watch designs appear impressive without even trying! 10. 

Our Message 

Classic fashion trends combine the norms of form and function. Wear what makes you comfortable in your skin: express your individuality and embrace the comfort you need. You don’t have to become a slave to rages and trends just to be socially acceptable. Stay classic and timeless! 

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