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UAE Fashion with a Purpose: Retold

by Out and About Mag.

RETOLD is all about giving clothes a second chance at happiness. Beautiful clothes are meant to be worn and shown off, not left in the dark at the back of your wardrobe. So, I built RETOLD to help people shop pre-owned clothes, to continue their story.

Originally, I started the business in 2011, and it was called ‘My Ex Wardrobe’. It was born from my love for shopping (and the realisation that I was shopping too much!). With the help of two of my sisters, Bekky and Teagan, we launched a series of pop- up-shop events. This later developed, when in 2017 I decided to give up my career and focus full time on taking RETOLD to the next level, by rebranding and opening our 3,000sqft boutique!

The reason I opened a boutique is that I recognised the demand for the concept. We had such a large and growing customer base, and it was clear that Dubai was ready for the preowned fashion industry to bloom. So, I really wanted to be able to provide a larger offering for all our customers and continue to raise awareness for a more sustainable type of fashion shopping.

Over the last 18months, I’ve grown RETOLD and am now so proud of our small team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who all live the concept; as well as our amazing customers, who are a vital part of our success. They are always so excited to become storytellers and continue the stories of the clothes and accessories that they buy from our boutique.


Sustainable fashion is so, so important. Across all industries, our society is now addicted to consumerism, and I want to help make the world a better place however I can. I’m very passionate about sustainable fashion because I truly believe that we can all live more sustainable lives by making better choices. The most sustainable type of fashion is fashion that has already been made and is already hanging in your (or someone else’s) wardrobe.

Since I had already discovered a gap in the market for sustainable fashion options in Dubai, I knew that I wanted to be able to offer people the opportunity to buy gorgeous, perfect-condition clothes at a fraction of the price of buying new. Also, 25% of the products that RETOLD stocks are still brand new with their original tags!


I’m most passionate about saving the planet because I’m acutely aware that we only have one planet, and as a global population we are damaging it in every way, across every industry. I love raising awareness about making better, more sustainable living choices, not just in fashion. The big guilty parties are the food and travel industries. Our food industry is using up all of our land resources. One-third of all food products is wasted, the travel industry has a huge negative impact as we often seem to forget how much carbon footprint we leave behind when constantly travelling the world. When I look at the fashion industry, I see it as entirely. There are 150 billion items of clothing produced every year and the same amount ends up in landfills each year, as well. We have this ridiculous amount of waste, and very few big brands are doing anything tangible about it. I’m hugely passionate about educating people about living more sustainable lives, certainly in a place like Dubai, where it hasn’t really caught on just yet. We are all making small changes, like stopping the use of single-use plastic water bottles. However, now we need to start making slightly bigger and more impactful changes, as well.


The purpose behind RETOLD is to extend the lifespan of clothes that aren’t used anymore, by providing a customer-friendly platform for them to be showcased and bought. We stock over 8,000 items at any one time, from well-loved high street brands through to lust-worthy designer labels, and around 25% of our products still have a tag on them and haven’t been used, and instead, have just been owned before. At RETOLD, we are trying to change the way society consumes fashion by giving them an option to buy second hand...first.



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