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GoDaddy: Six Tips for Naming Your Small Business

by Out and About Mag.

For many entrepreneurs, naming a business is the starting point for launching their business officially. Trying to find a name for your startup can be very exciting. Finding the proper name that can distinguish your business from another is important to consider as it will share with your customers an idea of what your business does. Your business name is the first way a potential customer will hear about your business.

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Selina Bieber, General Manager for the Middle East and Africa, said: “It is important to spend time to pick the right name for your startup since it will help potential customers find your business online easily. Your name will enable you to establish your unique identity and image in the market.”

Whether you utilize GoDaddy’s domain name generator to help you name your business, or find a name on your own, here are some tips to consider as you work on naming your small business:

  • What do you want your name to say about your business.

Your business name is its identity, and it will appear on all your business communication material such as the website, promotional materials, and products. If you are a service-based business, you should give great consideration to the synergy between the name and what you do to make it easier for your potential customers to recognize what you do immediately. 

  • Brainstorm name possibilities.

Once you decide what you want your business identity to convey, dedicate some time to brainstorm name ideas. List words that describe your business or the type of products or services you offer, as well as its benefits. List down words that describe your competitors and what differentiates you and your products and services from those of your competitors. Names have the ability to evoke feelings, so always think about how you want your customers to feel when they see your business name. Brainstorming is time-consuming, so utilize resources, such as a dictionary, thesaurus, and any other resources that you think may help.

  • Keep your name short, simple, easy to write and remember. 

Many successful businesses’ names are short, simple, easy to write and easy to remember. Selecting short words or a phrase that works together can be easy to remember and can be an advantage, especially that your small business will rely on word-of-mouth advertising as a crucial form of marketing. If your name is easy to write and to remember, it will also be easier for your customer to find you online and can help promote your business to others.

  • Avoid names that are too narrow or too literal.

Always consider the possibility of growth and expansion over time and think of a business name that can accommodate that growth. For example, if you name your business Photo Services and later expand to offer Video services, your original name may be too limiting and restrictive as your product line expands.

  • Test your business name with others.

It can be beneficial to involve friends and family in finding a name for your business. Pick a small group of like-minded people, select a few possible business name choices, then share them with a few trusted friends and family to get their feedback.

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  • Consider whether you can register a domain and obtain a trademark.

It’s important to make sure that your competitors, or another company, are not using the same business name you selected since it can confuse your customers. Using the same commercial name as another company could possibly result in legal issues and deprive you of the chance to register a trademark and enjoy the protection it offers for your business name. It is also recommended to check for the availability of your commercial name for official registration and licensing by using the trade name registration function on the Ministry of Commerce and Investment website by visiting: https://mc.gov.sa/

Most importantly, choose a business name that is also available for registration as a domain. Consider the world’s most popular .com or one of the many options such as a .net, .me or something more unique like .store. Once you decide on your business name, head on over to GoDaddy and snag your domain name at https://ae.godaddy.com/domains.

Have some backup name ideas ready just in case your first selected domain name is already taken. Keep in mind that there are also many interesting and industry-specific domain extensions, such as .shop; .co and .biz, to help you secure the perfect domain name for your business. GoDaddy offers a tool to help you come up with a business name and check domain availability at the same time.



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