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Wearing a hijab is more than just a trend. For many years now, different styles have been incorporated into this rather significant piece of clothing. Set the bar high as you take on one of these hijab fashion trends and utilise them to create your own distinct style


Pull off your A-game by donning a pair of wide pants that you can wear for work or on a coffee date. The best thing about this comfy clothing is that it complements any type of footwear — a pair of black stilettos, cool trainers or platform heels. Take a cue from this chic ruffle and wide-leg combo that accentuates the hijab. The getup itself speaks a lot of your sense of style — simply sophisticated and stylish. If you want more drama, throw in some statement accessories or opt for a head-turner bag. And remember, it’s not too late to take your fashionable hijab to the next level!


Who would overlook this vibrant blend of cheerful hues? Starting with your bright hijab, be daring in your approach to playing with colours. You can opt for a monochrome top and a multi-coloured bottom. Or if you enjoy the attention, don a fascinating print-and-pattern combo. This may sound challenging, but it actually works as long you know how to carry yourself! So go show your spirited personality to the whole world with beaming colours and bold designs.


Pastel-coloured outfits are in vogue all year long. What’s beautiful about pastel and earthy shades is that they match a variety of skin tones, can be spruced up with a sprinkle of bling or accessories and go with both sultry and coral makeup. These shades also bring out the subtle feminine element in your attire and are perfect work and play. Light coloured blouses and chic pants also complement hijabs of various materials and shades.


It’s time to master the art of wearing stripes with ruffled stripe dresses topped with a plain hijab. Stripes, of course, is one of the most flattering patterns of all time. It always has a spot in the fashion scene because of its versatility and chicness. Whilst the most popular stripe combo is blue and white, you can definitely add more colours into the pattern for a more distinct look. Since the clothing itself is already a head-turner, you can tone down the hue and style of your footwear. A pair of single colour heels would do!


For a more feminine touch, take your favourite florals out of your wardrobe and strut around in them for a while. Without a doubt, florals are a breath of fresh air, making it a sought-after style during spring or summer. These charming patterns complement a black, white or pastel hijab perfectly. And what’s more, there are heaps of floral styles to choose from. For an office-approved ensemble, grab your sophisticated floral top and pair it with trousers. Don’t forget your statement blazer! And if you’re just running your errands, then wear your simplest and cosiest floral dress with your hijab.


If you’re not a fan of mixing and matching, then you should try minimalist styling. This is probably the easiest way to loosen the burden of fashion uncertainty. Reality check — there are days when you don’t want to unleash your fashion genie. When that happens, you can always take a bit of style inspiration from this simple yet sophisticated attire. The monochrome wardrobe and neutral hijab are enough to give you those refined vibes.


Loose shirt and black leggings have never looked this cool with a hijab! Gone are the days when the hijab is meant only for dresses or other superfeminine attires. Now, the fashion game has evolved, and you can pair them with sportswear and even baggy clothes. This ensemble is such a great fashion statement. And if you’re planning to rock this attire, opting for monochrome colours will be a perfect start! From there, you can work your styling skills and discover what fits you better.


Of course, denim will never go out of style. And in recent years, the trend has embraced the old-school pair of jeans — when high-waisted and flared. This kind of style gives us the 70s vibe, where comfort is a top priority above all. Denim can be paired with almost everything under the sun — sweaters, blouses or statement t-shirts. Whatever your choice, you can still get that coveted comfort and chicness with denim. A piece of advice — if you want to rock your flattering silhouette, team your flare denim jeans with a slim-fitting top.


Lately, fashion has been revolving around loose yet refined styles. For any self-confessed stylish trendsetter, pleated skirts are must-haves in the wardrobe. Say goodbye to pencil skirts and hello to these super classy skirts lined with delicate folds. Since pleated skirts exude an old age charm, stay true to its style by matching it with ruffles or bell sleeves. If you’re wearing a bright skirt, you may want to pair it with tonal or earthy hues for a better balance. And while recent trends have mainly focused on chunky trainers with your skirt, you can still pick the footwear of your choice as almost every type will go with it.


Cardigans are always on top of their game all year-round. These wardrobe staples complement your hijab like a pro. And if you’re unsure of the colour coding, a black and white combo with a hint of gold and silver is truly a quick wardrobe success! There’s something about monochrome colours that keep this accessory trending it’s classic, sophisticated and simple. Of course, you can still accessorise your pleasingly straightforward colour selection by selecting more refreshing accessory shades and designs.


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