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#HotWeatherHacks: How to make your perfume last longer this summer

by Out and About Mag.

Summer stretches before us, long and humid, and there is only so much that your favourite perfume can do to combat these seasonal troubles. So how do you ensure you keep smelling like a dream at all times?


Apply to body's pulse points

When applying perfume, concentrate on the strategic pulse points on your body to increase the longevity of the scent.

Spray below the collarbone—not on your décolletage— and inside your elbows and wrists. Also, don't be shy to spritz some in your hair. In fact, perfuming the hair with beautiful notes is perfect for leaving a sensual trail this summer.

Apply to well-moisturised skin

The moisture levels of the skin are also integral to how long a perfume will last on you. Well-moisturised skin holds a scent much longer than dry skin. If you moisturise the places you apply perfume on soon after you shower, you will see a marked improvement in the way you wear perfume.


Apply to your clothes

Applying your signature scent on your clothes can also help increase the longevity of your perfume and supplementary fragrance dreams like body crèmes, solid perfumes and, as mentioned, hair mists.

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Choose light, fresh fragrances

And what type of olfactory narrative is best? For the Middle Eastern weather, your scent must be long-lasting. Floral, citrusy and woody notes like bergamot, rose, pink pepper, lime peel, green tea, and vetiver work well throughout the year. For the summers, keep the fragrance light and fresh.

And, one more thing, let's also keep in mind the humidity—sweet and aquatic notes with a heavier base work perfectly, too!


Try layering fragrances

Lastly, layering fragrances is key this summer and is almost an art—a way to express yourself through your scent.

You can choose to layer heavy and light scents with common ingredients or even contrasting fragrances. The easiest way to start is to spray the heavier scent that has vanilla, musk or is oud-based before applying a lighter, more floral or citrusy perfume with cherry blossoms or lilies on top.

Go beyond perfume and start the layering process with a scented soap or shower gel and then a scented body lotion or crème to seal in the perfume. See what works for you and have fun with the scents.



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