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How Do Emotions Influence Your Skin?

by Out and About Mag.

If you don’t know yet, your emotions directly affect your skin. What’s even more surprising is that your skin might even be revealing your deepest feelings!

It’s not once or twice that you noticed how your skin was less shiny and rough in texture when you were sad or stressed. When experiencing such negative states, you may have also noticed its pale and dry feel, similar to desert sand. This proves that strong negative emotions can adversely affect your skin — period!

On the flip side, you’ve probably observed how your skin glows and feels refreshed when you are happy. These are patterns that show how emotions can influence your skin.

Whatever your mind of state, it reflects instantly on your body’s largest organ — the skin!


Have you ever wondered why there’s a sudden breakout of pimples on your face right after a fight with your partner? Many a time, skin problems like cracking, stinging, allergies and pigmentation, to name some, can be psychosomatic changes that have its roots in your emotional state.

Then, there are sudden skin changes; your cheeks turn red when you’re blushing or feeling embarrassed. Or you turn

pale when scared.
On the other hand, your face lights up when you’re in love. These momentary skin changes are brought about by your emotional state.

Note: To rule out serious skin illnesses, you should consult your GP or dermatologist.


Skin troubles tend to pop up in a particular area which is most directly affected by the emotion.
For example: when you feel the need to be protected or have an inferiority complex, you will get spots or tiny pimples on your face.

Alternatively, if you notice any changes on your head like excessive hair fall or dandruff, that could be a sign asking for a break from the current norm or a change of mindset. It might also be associated with emotional

wounds or a creative block.
If you spot skin problems on your arms, you might need emotional contact, or it might be a sign of conflict, especially if the skin problem is on your elbows.
If the problem is on your hands, you might be having issues with finding a balance between giving and receiving. Or do you notice changes in your feet’s skin? Chances are that you may be unsatisfied with your current life status.


Happiness can make you glow like the stars! Just as happiness is one of the best ways to stay healthy, it can also make you glow head-to-toe!

Your face lights up with a bright smile when happy. A happy face is also contagious and makes people around happy as well. If you’re always happy, you will indirectly spread good vibes, especially amongst

those who need it the most.
The secret — Positive emotions like joy and excitement cause chemical reactions in your body which spread from cell to cell. They also stimulate the release of feel-good hormones and endorphins, along with other neurotransmitters. Both can reduce inflammation, thereby resulting in increased blood flow to your face.


Yes! Strong negative emotion can influence your skin big time.
For this reason, do not dwell on sadness or anger because it triggers epinephrine and cortisol release, which both lead to inflammatory mediators that result in too much vasodilation. When that happens, conditions like rosacea, acne and eczema, can be triggered.


Want to slow down ageing? Avoid stress!
 It’s not once or twice that you have read about natural ways to stop fast ageing. And if you recall, most of the tips include reducing or managing stress. That is 100% true! 
Too much stress can result in the production of metalloproteinases and collagenase that cause the breakdown of elastin and collagen — both important to keep skin firm and tight. It can also trigger a host of skin problems that will ultimately lead to ageing, laxity and wrinkling.
So while you’re busy leading a hectic lifestyle, do not forget the well-being of your skin.

Do not push your needs to the backburner. Make time to take care of yourself. Learn how to manage stress effectively.


Smile more often and maintain great skin — for longer! Remember: positive emotions result in positive skin effects (radiance, youthful skin, clear texture, etc.) and negative emotions lead to adverse effects (rosacea, acne, dry skin, and the list goes on).

Which one would you choose? The choice is obvious. Don’t let negative thoughts and emotions ruin your skin and make you feel less confident about your self-image. Achieve fantastic skin by staying happy! Learn how to manage stress and choose joy and relaxation all the time. Smile now, gorgeous!

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