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How to Convert Money in Your Mind to Money in The Bank

by Out and About Mag.

Money in The BankHow can you convert the money in your mind to money in your bank?  Well, it might sound impossible, but you can make that happen with an abundance mindset.  After all, the only way you can attract wealth is to feed your mind with it. However, it doesn’t mean just waiting for fruits to fall from the trees, nor does it mean doing nothing but just waiting for wealth to come to you.

The first step is to have an abundant mindset wherein which you condition your brain that you have enough or more than enough. So, before you can make all the money you want, you should believe that you will have that money. 

Simply, get that wealthy state of mind so that it will become your reality. After all, wealth comes to those who believe, and that starts with how you feel and think about money.

Notice your feelings about money.

When you log in to your online bank accounts, how do you feel – good or bad?  Do you feel frustrated, demoralised or embarrassed?  Don’t ignore your feelings, but pay attention to it and your money.  

You don’t also have to feel bad or frustrated if you don’t have a lot of money.  As, if you’re always feeling bad, you will just keep living in the scarcity mindset and in a continuous cycle, thinking of not getting or having enough. Eventually, you will develop so much fear about how much little you have.  Instead of this, you must feel happy and proud of what you have so that it will grow.

Don’t compare what you have with others.

Do not fall into the trap of comparing your current state with colleagues, high school classmates or friends.

If you do, you may be left feeling jealous, desperate and envious because you’re always thinking that they’re doing better than you do.

It is not the right way to go, but you should think about your personal goals. You don’t have the same ones as others do, so stop comparing yourself to them. If you keep doing it, you will not be able to shift your mindset from being insecure to being appreciative of your efforts.

Fear is real, but don’t let it affect your future.

You might be fearing something today, but you don’t have to think that it will scare you forever.  Determine what you fear when it comes to money.  Do you think that you’ll run out of it? Do you fear that you’ll never have enough?

If you find yourself always in fear of not having enough money, you might always be hoarding money for your protection.

Don’t live with fear; it is not the place you deserve. Don’t be afraid of losing money. Instead, you must address your fears so that you can work through them.

Change your mindset if it’s not working in your favour.

Instead, you must think and believe what you want about money. So, if you want to have lots of it, don’t apologise for it but think why you want it.

Avoid emotional spending and instant gratification.

Some people spend money based on their emotions or the things happening in their lives. Cut this habit because it will not help you attract abundance in your life.  Be financially savvy, and know that emotional spending will not do you good.

Also, don’t decide based on what you think will make you feel good in the moment. Think long-term. What you should do is to determine what will be best for you in the end. Avoid falling prey to temptations.

Determine what you think about rich people.

What do you think about the idea of being rich yourself? Do you believe that you’ll be wealthy? Do you think that you’re unlucky and rich people are lucky? If you’re trying to separate yourself from wealthy people negatively, you might not attract the kind of wealth you want. The reason is that you can turn whatever you think into your reality. So, if you believe that you’ll be forever broke, you will be.

Do the money meditation.

It is one of the most important exercises to attract abundance in your life.  Do it as often as possible.  Money meditation will help manifest money fast and remove any false beliefs about it. 

To do it, you just must find a quiet place to lie down or sit down without any interruptions. Ideally, practice it in the early morning when everyone else is still asleep. Relax, breathe and focus on the relaxation of your muscles. Focus on every breath.

Now, visualise a clear image of the exact amount of money you want to see on your bank account. You know that you deserve this money because you’re feeling amazing right now, and because you feel this money is real, you’re now thinking of buying the things that you’ve been wanting for long like this and that. Practice the money meditation daily and feel relaxed and relieved every time you do it.

Change your thoughts.

Get the negative thought patterns out! While it can take practice and time, learn how to stop those negative thoughts that will block the money flow to you. Thus, you should have a positive mindset towards money and believe that you deserve to have the money you want. Have faith in the abundance coming from the universe. You must remove the negativity you have about money from your life. Finally, you should purify your thoughts and focus on the positive.

Start the work!

Becoming rich takes effort, time and patience, too. Most of the money you can have is through the tried and tested things to do consistently. So aside from keeping your eyes on the prize, you also need to keep track of your finances and consider these tips.

Save money. Look at your savings as taxes that you set aside on a certain period.  For example, you might want to set aside 5% of your monthly income or higher if it applies to you. You must also plan and stick to it. It’s not possible to become rich fast, even if you often hear luck-based success stories many times. Many people don’t become rich through that but through discipline, planning and execution. They include timelines and budgets.

In addition, consider investing. Examples include real estate and the stock market. But if you have a finance coach, you can consult and ask for recommendations. Nevertheless, you should think rationally before deciding.

Most importantly educate yourself, like if you’re looking to invest. Constantly stay aware and take calculated risks, such as when investing in stocks or starting a business. Think deeply and evaluate the outcomes before investing. 

If you want to convert money in your mind to money in your bank, switch your brain on for it so that your efforts are directed to what you want to achieve in the future. Set clearly defined goals, live a financially smart life, avoid emotional spending, instant gratifications, think long-term, and shun the negative thoughts to stop pushing money away from you. Sure, it sounds a lot of effort to achieve that wealth you envision, but what can be better than starting the work now?  If you’re ready to attract money into your life, you should visualise having that money you think you deserve and be willing to do the work to achieve your money goals.

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