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How to Get Thicker and Fuller Brows

by Out and About Mag.

How to Get Thicker and Fuller BrowsEyebrows make or break your entire appearance, no matter how lush your hairstyle is or how flawless your makeup is. Skinny brows are long gone, it’s time to give your tweezers a break and hit full with your eyebrows. With our tips and hacks in this post, you can up your eyebrow game and get them on fleek!

1. Give Your Eyebrows a Rest 

Constant threading, plucking, and waxing can permanently drive to thinned-out brows, talk about total deforestation! Besides, overnight miracles don’t exist; instead, grow out your eyebrows. You’ll have to wait for at least five to eight weeks with no trimming, considering that eyebrows grow about 0.16 mm per day.

The hardest part is the waiting period, especially in the first two weeks because the pull of taking down excess hair is irritatingly inviting. Refrain from spending too much time in front of the mirror and pondering over your eyebrows excessively. Devote your time doing something healthy for your eyebrows like drinking plenty of water which flushes out toxins from your body and promotes eyebrow growth as claimed by some experts.

Don’t pluck the hair that might slightly frame your eyelids rakishly after two weeks or so. Line them in with an eyebrow pencil for a fuller yet softer appearance or conceal them with concealer at best. Pick only the extra strands that materialise in the middle of the brow for a neater approach and leave eyebrow hair from above, below and the tail.

2. Clean 

You might suggestively “eye-roll” at this statement, but indeed we all tend to forget keeping our eyebrows clean or ignore the mere prospect. Eyebrows free from unneeded gunk are essential in supporting its growth. Keep them a distance apart from creams, lotions or moisturisers because chemicals in these items can clog the pores and disrupt the growing process. Whereas, keeping them clean would keep the pores unclogged and ready for its restorative process.

3. Massage 

While you’re at it, try giving your eyebrows a massage regularly. This improves blood circulation and promotes thicker, fuller eyebrows. Massaging keeps the root of your eyebrows rejuvenated and eases down your strained forehead. The more relaxed you are, the better your body will recycle.

Try oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil to massage your eyebrows before bed and leave it overnight. These oils are rich in nutrients and promote hair growth, stimulate circulation and increase cellular metabolism, which helps in regrowth and fuller, thicker brows over time while giving the TLC your brows need. Use these oils in their natural, purest form; diluted versions may not bestow the results you’re hoping for.

4. Brush

Yes, you heard it right! Brushing your eyebrows is as necessary as taming your hair. Take a spoolie or use your old mascara brush (make sure it’s clean) and lightly flick it across the length of your brow using upward motions. Do this daily to acknowledge a change in your eyebrow growth because brushing eyebrows doesn’t only improve the flow of blood circulation but also gets rid of any unwanted dirt or leftover makeup stuck in those little strands. This process keeps your brows in good shape too!

5. Exfoliate

Eyebrow exfoliation is crucial in encouraging growth. You don’t need any fancy scrubs for this purpose, use your regular facial scrub and exfoliate your eyebrows twice a week. This procedure nourishes the hair follicles and stimulates eyebrow growth. Wash off the product from your eyebrows thoroughly to remove all scrubbing particles. Brushing, in the end, will ensure your eyebrows are swept clean of any remaining granules.

You can use a soft clean toothbrush to exfoliate your eyebrows as well. Be gentle, or you may end up losing some hair. Turning this into a nightly routine should encourage your brows to grow and also improve their hair cycle.

6.  Moisturise 

To quicken things up, moisturising is the key to strike knee-deep when it comes to growing your eyebrows. We recommend eyebrow growth serums or eyebrow conditioning primers which comprise ingredients that enrich the brows for increased growth and strengthening the existing hair mutually—it’s a win-win situation! Particularly, for those who desire quick results without much effort.

Even applying petroleum jelly to your brows works but this process takes time in accomplishing longer, thicker arches. It moisturises the skin under the brows, nourishes the hair, and locks in moisture to encourage the growth of hydrated brows. Not only that, but it also keeps the eyebrow hair in place, as well! Do this religiously three to four times a day daily. However, if you have acne-prone oily skin, the serum choice is better.

7. Maintain 

Once you’ve acquired full brows, learn to maintain them. There’s a difference between plucking your brows and shaping them. Go minimal with the tweezers and concentrate more on acquiring a shape that suits your face. Whatever removal process you employ, remove your brow hair in soft lighting. Because doing so in excessive light translates to over-plucking — exactly what you need to avoid! Either hire professionals to do your eyebrows and learn from them or understand your face map to make a few complimentary changes.

8. Fake It ‘Til You Make It 

Lastly, groom your brows with makeup! Determine with a brush “the start and end” of your brows. Set your brows with a spoolie seeing the shape you want and begin filling in with an eyebrow pencil, implementing feather-light pencil strokes that mimic the natural line of your brows. Blur the strokes with slight eyebrow shadow, exerting gentle pressure. You’ll soon have natural, thicker and polished-looking brows in no time and remember—practice makes perfect!

While you let time work its course around your brows, you can try brow fibre gels. Brow fibre gels have tiny micro-fibres similar to real hair that stick to brow hair and look part of them. And simultaneously, enhances the look and volume of your brows instantly. No, the fibres don’t come off unless you rinse with water.

If you have light-coloured brows naturally, invest in a brow tint that is two shades darker than your original brow colour. Brow tints add a nice punch of colour to your brows, making them look more prominent, bolder and beautiful!

Perfect eyebrows are purely trial and error! Obviously! You cannot have your gaps, patches, naturally sparse or plucked-stricken brows to grow overnight. It takes an effort and great patience to achieve the brow profile you desire. Instead of giving into sadness, opt for the challenge of achieving it. When there’s a will, there’s a way! We are with you on your eyebrow journey - may the odds be ever in your favour.




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