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UAE: Human Rights Committee Gears Up for Human Rights Plan

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The National Human Rights Committee conducted its second meeting as led by Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash. Dr Gargash stated that the country is committed to developing the National Human Rights Plan, an institutional framework for human rights, which forms part of the UAE’s Vision 2021.

UAE Human Rights

The Plan shall fortify the country’s efforts and policies taken as part of the UAE’s regional and international commitments. The Plan also aims to document the country's efforts in promoting and protecting human rights, as well as raise awareness, build capacity and develop national human rights specialists. It shall also cooperate and partner with relevant agencies and committees of the United Nations.

To prepare the country for the National Human Rights Plan, Dr Gargash emphasised that the first step is to examine the current efforts and milestones in the field of human rights in the UAE. The next step is conducting a consultative process with civil society organisations and organising community dialogues involving the academe and other relevant groups.


The UAE's Commitment to International Human Rights Conventions

On July 5, 2020, the Committee held its first meeting in the presence of representatives of various government agencies to discuss the latest human rights issues in the country. Reviewing the latest developments in human rights in the UAE, the Committee was also briefed on the establishment of the Independent National Human Rights Committee in accordance with the Paris Principles. Among the other agenda as discussed are as follows:


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