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‘Iftar on Wheels’: The meal donation programme by Amazon

by Out and About Mag.

Amazon launched 'Iftar on Wheels', a meal donation programme to support thousands of families, leveraging the company's delivery network across the UAE. Amazon will utilise its scale, logistics and technology to reach people in need and to spread the joy of the season among local communities.

Iftar on wheels

In partnership with the UAE Food Bank, the 'Iftar on Wheels' program continues Amazon's tradition of helping underprivileged families through monetary donations, delivery services and volunteer support. Hundreds of Amazon employees across the UAE will organise events, pack and deliver food, and share in the iftar events.

Over the past four years, Amazon has delivered millions of meals to underserved communities in the Middle East & North Africa region, laddering up to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 to achieve 'Zero Hunger'.

The company creates initiatives that harness a spirit of innovation, determination, and passion within its people to strengthen the communities where its employees live and work.

Amazon has created one of the world's most advanced operations and fulfilment networks to receive, pack, and ship orders, to deliver smiles to customers. This Ramadan, the company's expertise in safe, reliable and convenient delivery will be redeployed to deliver smiles to families in need. 'Iftar on Wheels' is a part of Amazon's global community engagement pillar, Right Now Needs, that seeks to eliminate the impossible choices posed by poverty, homelessness, hunger, and natural disasters. This pillar is one of many in Amazon's community engagement program.

Since its launch in the UAE, Amazon has been investing in strengthening its presence and launching various service offerings to enhance the order fulfilment experience for customers in the UAE. Today, Amazon Operations' network across the UAE comprises three Fulfillment Centres, three sort centres, eight delivery stations and a network of small and medium businesses working as Delivery Service Partners.



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