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Increase your Metabolism Naturally

by Out and About Mag.

Increase your metabolism naturallyMany of us have wondered how to increase our metabolism to help us live a healthier life and gain more energy. There are many ways to do so, but it is extremely important to do it in a natural way to prevent consequences in our health. 

Everything good comes with a price, and it's the same with our health and metabolism. For us to gain more energy, stay healthy and increase our metabolism, we have to do certain things that are not easy. However, once we start eating healthy and working on those things, everything else will come naturally and rather easily. The hardest part is to start and stay focused on your goal. There are multiple ways to increase your metabolism, but only a couple of them come naturally to our bodies.

What is metabolism anyway and why is it so important?

Let's start off by explaining what metabolism represents to us. Metabolism is often referred to as chemical reactions that keep us alive. However, it is also connected to the calories we burn. The main work of metabolism is to convert food to energy. It is the building blocks of proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and carbohydrates. It also helps remove nitrogenous wastes in our body. Those metabolic reactions are often divided into two categories:

  • Catabolic
  • Anabolic

The main difference between those two reactions is that catabolic reactions usually release energy and anabolic reactions consume energy. The actual metabolic rate is equal to the number of calories we burn. There are plenty of advantages to having a high metabolism, and we will try and explain some of them.

Pros of having a high metabolism

There are a lot of advantages that people with high metabolism have compared to others. That is why most people are trying to increase their metabolism. However, some of them succeed; some of them don't. 

Later, we will cover the best ways to increase your metabolism naturally, but let me tell you first WHY you should do it. One of the things most people lack nowadays is energy. You come home from work, and you are not able to do anything else. While waiting for the weekend to do something useful or something nice for yourself, you often don't have the time to think about your productivity. 

One of the best things with people with higher metabolism is that they have tons of energy. They can come home from work and still have the time for themselves and do some chores. Not only do they have much more energy, but they also feel a lot better. The other advantage of having a high metabolism is that you can reduce weight more easily and keep it off with no effort at all. What's the catch, you may ask yourself? In the next chapter, we will introduce to you ways to increase your metabolism in the most natural way possible.

How to increase your metabolism

There are multiple ways to do so, but it's important to keep in mind that all you do should be natural for your body. First of all, let's explain which are the factors that have the most impact on our metabolism. The factor that we have no control over surely are genetics, age, and sex, but there are some factors that we can control. Those are body fat, muscle mass and the most important one – activity level. Metabolism is all about processing calories and we can teach our body how to do that faster.

  • Have enough calorie intake

Some may think that in order to lose weight you have to decrease the number of calories you take every day. However, that is far from the truth. For your metabolism to work well and to produce enough energy, you have to intake enough calories.

  • Regular meals

Like everything in life, our metabolism also requires balance. When you do not eat regularly, your body takes starvation as a signal to preserve energy by burning calories slowly, and that is why your metabolism is slowing down as well.

  • Cold water

Cold water actually increases your metabolic rate when you drink it. Why? Because your body spends more calories on heating up the water in order to have the same temperature and your metabolism also tends to speed up.

  • Exercising

Undeniably the least liked the way of increasing your metabolism, but unavoidable one is exercising. It has a strong impact on your metabolism and even after you have finished working out your metabolism is still racing up.

  • Green tea

If you could manage to have green tea on your routine list, then it will help increase your metabolism, and it will be another way to stay healthy. It's way better than to drink juices that are full of sugar.

There are plenty of ways to increase your metabolic rate; we have named some of them. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should do it in a natural way without any artificial substances that can do more harm than good. Boosting metabolism can have a great effect on your well-being, and after some time, you will start to feel much better and have much more energy.

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