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Makeup Dos and Don’ts

by Out and About Mag.

Makeup can be a fun way to express yourself, but for beginners, the whole prospect of "doing your makeup" can be very daunting. Here are some quick makeup dos and don'ts to get you started.

Makeup Dos 
  1. Take care of your skin Good skin is the best base for a beautiful makeup 
  2. Test the foundation colour on your face 
  3. Use a primer to get soft, silky and dewy skin
  4. Top your foundation with loose powder to set it better 
  5. Apply neutral shades for your eye makeup 
  6. Use a peach or rosy tone for your blush 
  7. Moisturise your lips.
Makeup Don'ts 
  1. Don't sleep with makeup on  
  2. Don't apply darker or lighter foundation on. Try to find the exact colour to match your skin 
  3. Avoid applying too much foundation. Less is always more 
  4. Skip the bronzer for contouring 
  5. Don't use red or purple blush ... it will make you look older 
  6. Instead of applying the same colour of your eyebrows to fill it up, use a lighter shade 
  7. Don't apply matte lipstick on dry and cracked lips 
  8. Avoid using crazy colours on your eyes until you've truly mastered your makeup.


Livia Rideg is an international makeup artist and makeup educator working all over the globe. 

She became an International Class Judge of Hairstyle and Makeup certified by the World Beauty Congress in February 2019.

Livia is specialised in media makeup, and at the same time, has a lot of experience in bridal, glamour, creative and even fantasy makeup.

Follow Livia on Instagram www.instagram.com/livridegmakeup

Pictures: Livia Rideg

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