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Mindvalley Live is coming to Dubai in February

by Out and About Mag.

A transformative weekend of personal development and getting up close and personal with leading teachers await at Mindvalley Live Dubai, 25-26 February 2023. 

Discover your greatness through a transformative weekend filled with meaningful friendships, remarkable experiences, and inspiring teachers. 

Mindvalley Live

The educational pillars of Mindvalley Live Dubai include brain and memory, mind and meditation, body and soul, mental health among kids and teens, performance, entrepreneurship, work, money, relationships, and parenting. 

Meet the speakers

The confirmed speakers at Mindvalley Live Dubai include: 

Lisa Nichols is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the world. 

She is a best-selling author, television personality, and company CEO, and her global platform has helped close to 30 million people. Lisa Nichols went from being a struggling single mother on public assistance to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur. As founder of Motivating the Masses, Inc., one of the few publicly traded personal and business development training companies in the nation, Lisa has worked to create workshops and programmes that have changed lives and businesses over the world.

Dr Shefali is a world-renowned pioneer in conscious parenting. 

Dr Shefali's pioneering work in conscious parenting has won Oprah's support and has been hailed as revolutionary. She has authored books, including The Awakened Family and The Conscious Parent, two classic NYT bestsellers. Dr Shefali runs a conscious coaching institute and private clinic where she educates coaches and advises couples and families.

Jim Kwik is a world leader in brain performance, mental fitness and memory improvement. 

Jim is CEO of Kwik Learning, a top online institute for accelerated learning with students from 195 nations around the world. His clients include Google, Zappos, Virgin, Nike, SpaceX, WordPress, the Cleveland Clinic, Caltech, Harvard, and Singularity University. "Limitless - Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, Unlock Your Exceptional Life," by Kwik, is a #1 WSJ and NYT bestseller. He is also the host of the "Kwik Brain" podcast, which has amassed millions of downloads and consistently ranks as the #1 educational training programme on iTunes. 

Marisa Peer is one of the most recognisable figures in the wellness sector. 

Peer is a well-known therapist and best-selling author who was recently named the Mental and Emotional Health Provider 2022 by UK Health Radio. 

Her distinctive method, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), has allowed her to change the lives of thousands of individuals throughout her thirty-year career. Marisa started the RTT School in 2017 due to its potential and has since assisted in educating over 13,000 therapists worldwide.

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, the co-founder of Mindvalley, is an immensely gifted international speaker, businesswoman, artist, and philanthropist. 

Kristina speaks about personal transformation, authenticity, understanding and accepting yourself, and a path to happiness. In addition, she is the author of the upcoming book "Becoming Flawesome" and was awarded the Influencer's for Change (IFC) by the Global Impact Creators (GIC).

Ronan Diego de Oliveria is the most widely published Mindvalley author and has expertise in developing ideal science-based protocols that significantly improve health and well-being. 

To help people in creating a healthy lifestyle that they genuinely, he created the HoloBody holistic health transformation programme, which has so far trained over 900 coaches worldwide. 

In addition, Ronan is the creator of some of Mindvalley's top-rated courses, including 10X Fitness and Beyond Fasting. He also frequently speaks at conferences worldwide, including TEDx, Mindvalley U, A-Fest, and LifePlugin.



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