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Nazcaa, Dubai’s Newest Japanese Peruvian Restaurant Experience

by Out and About Mag.

The newest addition to the breathtaking Dubai skyline dining experience is Nazcaa, a new Japanese Peruvian restaurant taking its guest beyond Nikkei cuisine. 


Nazcaa terrace

Nazcaa is located in the Address Fountain Views hotel with a fantastic terrace overlooking the Burj Khalifa and Dubai city lights.

Inspired by the history and fusion of Japanese ingredients with Peruvian cuisine, Nazcaa introduces its personal touch by taking its menu beyond the confines of Nikkei and embracing the culture of Nazca tradition. Breaking out of the box and not following trends within Japanese Peruvian cuisine, Nazcaa takes a sensible approach to create new dishes. 

The restaurant concept merges two cuisines, Japanese ingredients with the unique flavours of Peruvian spice. Both techniques are blended into a single Nazcaa style to provide a gastronomical experience like no other. 

This makes Nazcaa one-of-a-kind and true to its roots, authenticity and identifying itself as 'Beyond Nikkei'. A curated handcrafted beverage menu complements the cuisine, including fresh ingredients and flavours sure to tantalise the palate. 

To match its menu's profile, the impressive interiors of the restaurant embrace the artwork of the Nazca tribe from Peru's southern coast. The large designs of linework adorn the earth with geometric shapes, and animalistic figures are embodied throughout the venue. 

Nazcaa is designed by one of Dubai's most iconic architectural offices ZN|. The restaurant's entrance speaks to the mysterious Nazca lines, and the floors, wall panels, and lights dazzle the indoor venue with shapes and lines that surround diners. To accompany the indoor restaurant is a large terrace with an infinity pool and incredible views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai city lights.

For an authentic touch, the beyond Nikkei restaurant has brought vibrant, beautiful plating and cutlery from Peru, as well as impeccably designed handcrafted Japanese art pieces.

A concept that embodies the merge of Japanese and Peruvian cultures, Nazcaa is ready to welcome guests to taste their meaning of 'Beyond Nikkei'. For a unique gastronomical experience surrounded by Nazca-inspired decor, book now at website



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