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Nurseries and childcare centres to reopen

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National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) and the Ministry of Education have announced that nurseries and childcare centres can reopen in accordance with specific requirements, precautionary and preventive measures.

Approval for the reopening of nurseries and childcare centres will depend on the readiness of institutions to meet all health and safety requirements and procedures.nurseries and childcare centres

In accordance with the approved national protocols, a set of precautionary measures will be put in place to ensure the health and safety of children and staff. This includes the measuring of temperatures, regulating the movement of staff and parents' entry to nurseries and childcare centres.

It will also be mandatory for all staff to be tested for COVID-19 every two weeks. The health status of all children in nurseries and childcare centres will also be monitored regularly.

Sterilisation and hygiene procedures must be carried out regularly, and physical distancing of 1.5 metres must be ensured. In addition, nurseries must allow only one group of children at a maximum of per 3.5 square metres of each other.

Groups of children will be separated by age group with the maximum size for each group to be determined.

All toys and games must be sterilised and must not to be shared between groups. Parents will also be expected to provide packed meals for their children.

The Ministry of Education, along with educational authorities, will ensure the readiness of nurseries and childcare centres. They will determine the extent to which all of the health and safety requirements have been implemented.

Authorities will inspect nurseries regularly to ensure all precautionary and preventive measures are in place, and sanctions will be imposed on institutions who violate health and safety rules.


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