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Out and About Mag Issue 10 Vol. 2

by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Welcome

Let love, joy, hope and peace be the guiding lights during this holiday season.

— Debasish Mridha

The holiday season is here and the end of the year is near. There are still good reasons to celebrate, despite the challenges and unexpected events of our time. We held on; we stayed, we persisted; it is without a doubt that our grit and determination have made us stronger, too.

So here’s a toast to all our hard-earned successes, however great or small, and to the caution and wise judgment that we have all exercised: we shall move forward, stronger and better, to continue the lives that are given to us and to spread the love that remains in our heart. Remember: when something ends, a new beginning is on the horizon.

Out and About Magazine wishes you the sincerest happiness and love for you and your family. Let us see through the end of this year with hope and courage to prepare for the next battles of our lives.

Features and Highlights

For this Edition, we give you a Special Feature: an Exclusive Interview with Miss Teen Universe Bibyana Morales. An article that will give inspiration and lessons to our young readers out there. In our Fashion Feature, we interviewed Sophia London - owner of Category London - a brand dedicated to showing what true beauty is. Diversity and inclusion buzzwords circulating the fashion industry lately, but what do they really mean? To learn more, read: Diversity and Inclusion in the Fashion Industry.

Looking for gifts for this holiday season? Here are Beauty Gift Ideas for the Holidays to help you. We want you to look the best, so we gave you Common Essential Oils: An Essential Beauty Guide. All of these helpful articles in our Beauty section.

In an exclusive interview, we introduce a serial entrepreneur and investor featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Gulf Business AE: CEO Mustafa Khawaja of Khawaja Holdings. Khawaja Holdings is an investment and hedge fund entity in New York, which has invested into more than 40 companies ranging across tech, marketing, nutrition, real estate and other sectors. Find out more about his journey and successes in our Behind the Brand feature.

Are you in the hotel and management industry? Watch the interview of Mahmoud Sakr in our Taking Lessons feature where he narrates his journey towards success.

In our Talent Pool feature, we have Albert M. Carter, a successful man in the music industry. Get inspirational and upbeat lessons to learn from his life.

If you’re feeling down, here’s the right article for you: Level Up Your Energy: 3 Ways. As we know, change is the only thing constant in the world, Embracing Change: How It’s Different for Everyone will give us ideas on how to cope with it. Acceptance and confidence are needed for us to be the best version of ourselves, read on Body Positivity: The New Movement for A Better Us and get lessons from the people with the same vision.

Snacks for your loved ones? Check out 5 Holiday Treats To Relish This Festive Season and try these amazing recipes you can try!

In our Fitness feature, we give you an article that will help you stay in shape, especially needed after celebrations. Beat the Holiday Bulge will definitely help you with this.

If you’re going to travel, check Conrad Maldives Rangali Island and see if this will be your next destination.

All of us are having a hard time with all the distractions around us. Focus: Now will help you to achieve what you want. Looking to develop yourself? Read Step into Self–Centricity and learn how to grow and nurture with the help of your own self. We listed the best books for you in 5 Books on Our Release Radar for you to read and learn lessons from.

Love and Hope - for the next chapter of our lives

The true meaning of the holiday is love and hope, and may these timeless human experiences remain in our hearts as long as we live. Stay in touch with our loved ones and remind them that we have each other no matter what.

Out and About Magazine, with the team that made this Edition possible, wishes everyone a blessed and peaceful celebration, wherever you are out and about.

Lots of Love,

Marsha Fry



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