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Out and About Mag Issue 6 Vol. 2

by Out and About Mag.
Editor’s Welcome

Starting over requires no explanation to anyone, requires no specific date, requires nothing more than you saying, ‘It’s time’

―Anna Pereira

Most of us experienced rebirth and a period of reinvention at one point in our lives. You might have asked yourself many times, “Can I carry on?” or “How can I begin again?” 

Continue, even though the road is difficult and treacherous. Rainbows are a testament to a new beginning after torrential rains, and so is a sunrise after a long night. To give birth to a new you means being open to a whole new world of possibilities and positive changes. Get up and work hard again, and be a better you! With resilience, faith, and courage, you can go through everything!

A brief announcement to all our valued readers: starting this issue, we are now Out and About Magazine—and we still carry with us the vision to spread inspiration, encouragement, knowledge, and positivity wherever you are out and about!

Features and Highlights

In our Fashion feature, we researched for the wonderful history of the ubiquitous abaya, adding  styling tips as well to slay the summer with it. Check out The Abaya: Origins and Fashion Inspiration for Summer. Perseverance, creativity and authenticity: Dominique Devereaux Bedford reveals her story and passion as a stylist and designer. Read her interview and be inspired!

We are all beautiful and unique, a fact that we should be proud of. Love your skin inside and out through Understanding Shades and Undertones and Picking the Right Foundation for your Undertone! Do you want to save the planet while staying clean and glowing? Read on Reusable Makeup Removers: 7 Recommended Products to learn how. Find these articles in our Beauty section.

Gracing our Behind the Brand feature is a passionate face of entrepreneurship: Garfield Kerr, CEO of Mokha 1450 Coffee Boutique. He generously shared with us his love for coffee, to ‘always do what you love and never be afraid to fail’. We listened to his personal thoughts and insightful perspectives on success, failure and entrepreneurship.

Reaching your dreams is not an easy journey. Actress Rabeah Rahimi fought her way to achieve her goals in life. Find her story in I brought My Dreams From Afghanistan To Berlin in Voices. In Taking Lessons, we meet the transformational CEO and entrepreneur Asil Attar, who believes that “each one of us is unique and has something special to offer”. She shares that one of her passions is enabling others to follow their dreams—to inspire, motivate and empower them. Feed your mind and soul with Rabeah and Asil’s stories of inspiration and success.

Working hard and reinventing one’s self from time to time: The Middle East’s Very own King of Pop, S1, says that this is the key to staying relevant and interesting. Meet S1 in our Talent Pool feature and find out more about his passion for music and journey in the entertainment industry.

Understanding our personalities is important to assess our own behaviour and emotional responses. Do You Know Your Attachment Style? If you want to know, read on about this informative article in our Lifestyle feature. Learn new ways of dealing with anxiety and stress through Neuro-Linguistic Programming. To improve your leadership skills and gain productive habits, we’re here to tell you Why You Should Practise Self-Care as a Leader

If you want to make healthy and delicious food that you can easily store in the fridge, we’ve got you! Read our 5 Mason Jar Recipes in our Food section. At this time, we all know that exercising in gyms is still not the best option to pursue your fitness goals. In our Fitness feature, we listed Absolute Home Fitness Essentials so you can stay fit in the comfort of your own home.

You can plan your travel bucket list in advance, so if you’re looking for places to go where you can learn the UAE’s rich and beautiful culture, we recommend 8 Must-Visit UAE Cultural Sites in our Travel section.

To continue to enrich your knowledge and build confidence, read our articles in For the Culture section. Check out Leisa Grace Wilson’s tips for aspiring and bustling entrepreneurs in The Number One Reason Most Startups Fail and learn how to avoid the pitfalls. Yvonne Mtengwa’s regular column in The Reinvented Chronicles features 8 Hacks to Invoking Courage in Difficult Times, which is exactly what we need during these trying times. Jerome Douglas, on the other hand, encourages us to raise our own flags, to Be Proud of the Truth About You. Finally, we feature Atomic Habits by James Clear in our Book Review feature. Atomic Habits discusses the power of letting go of old habits, developing new and productive ones, and maintaining them on a regular basis. 

A Better You is a Happier You

Remember not to be afraid to start again. This is your own fight and no one else can control it but you. The world welcomes and encourages those who wish and aim to be better and stronger. Know this: a better you is a happier you. 

Out and About Magazine, with the team that made this Edition possible, would like to send you an infinite amount of encouragement and positivity to continue your journey to success and inner peace!

Lots of love,



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