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Out and About Magazine Issue 1 Vol. 3

by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Welcome

"When we work with love we renew the spirit; that renewal is an act of self-love, it nurtures our growth."

―Bell Hooks

Fugit inreparabile tempus: it escapes, irretrievable―time: its essence, perhaps, is more understood not by overly aspirational words but through our experience of its passage. And here we are, as another year has faded, still strong and moving forward. We are, through our struggles and perseverance, and our communal desires to keep our bonds inseparable despite the challenges of separation and isolation, still standing together. We march forward with time. We grow in courage as we tread. Life, as we know it, should continue.

Out and About Magazine marches strong in spirit and heart, together with you, our amazing readers, who never cease to inspire us with all that is good in life and the world, in general. In our Special Anniversary Issue, we invite you to take another step towards positive growth and renewal for us to lead better, fulfilled lives.

Features and Highlights

Five awe-inspiring personalities join us in our latest issue to give us lessons of willpower, personal success and individuality. In our Fashion Feature, Emirati fashion designer and entrepreneur Kaltham Altahri shares with us her journey in fashion design. Behind the Brand features Emma Barber, currently the managing director of DGrade, a sustainable clothing and accessories company. Emma has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and she has extensive experience in managing teams across countries. Serial entrepreneur and senior investment executive Robert Bush of Majlis Partners takes the seat in our Taking Lessons feature, and Robert shares with us his entrepreneurial journey from a small city in the US to the great city in the Middle East. In Voices we feature Helen Maria Tucker, founder of Women Talk. Helen has over 25 years of mentorship and leadership experience with developing women's skills, knowledge, and passions. Dorian Rogers takes the spotlight in Talent Pool, and he takes us to the world of spoken poetry as a modern art form and a personal lifetime passion.

Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s seat of government, is known as a global attraction for both millennial travellers, investors and businesses. This issue also highlights Abu Dhabi as a great urban destination that even Emirati locals should explore and definitely rediscover. Get to know the 7 Must-Stay Hotels in Abu Dhabi in our Travel feature and plan your luxurious ‘hotelcation’ in advance. Revive Your Fitness Motivation At 5 Workout Places In Abu Dhabi: as featured in our Fitness section. Find the nooks and cranny of the Abu Dhabi gastronomic experience by exploring the 10 Best Fish and Chips in Abu Dhabi in our Food feature.

Feel and look your best with these Lifestyle hacks: explore the concept of Ambiguity and Acceptance, and learn mental fitness through The Daily 20-Minute High Vibrational State, Vision Boards, as well as with the 5 Steps to Manifesting Your Desires. We also pose the question, Vision Boards: Do They Work? A great lifestyle, moreover, includes great fashion ideas and a skincare regimen that actually works. For our dear ladies, go ahead and explore the Skirts for Different Body Types and learn the best way to wear one. Our best men will definitely benefit from knowing A Dapper’s Guide to Buttoning Suit Jackets: yes, there are fashion rules too. Find the recommended brands and products that will aid you in taking care of sensitive skin with our Beauty Stash Recommendations. Find these articles in our Fashion and Beauty sections.

For The Culture section discusses topics of great depth, featuring the opinion piece of Leisa Grace Wilson, who poses the question, Why the Hustle Culture Could Be Killing You and What to do About It? Leisa discusses the dangers of hustle culture, as it becomes more pervasive in our society. Jerome also discusses themes of revival and renewal as we reach for success through persevering amidst turmoil: Revived and Renewed: Success through Chaos. Finally, to serve us with more philosophical ideals and insights, delve into our Book Feature about the timeless classic of Paolo Coelho: The Alchemist, a bestselling novel for all ages.

A Year of Great Renewal and More Positive Growth

Claim it, today and tomorrow: we shall rise higher as we grow and renew our lives this year. As we ease back into normal, let’s find the courage to find new opportunities or create new ones: new prospects, better career goals, renewed bonds of love and friendship, as well as connect to new networks and possibilities.

Out and About Magazine, with the amazing Team that made this Edition possible, will always accompany you and push you towards a more prosperous year ahead. 2021 is a year of great renewal and more positive growth!

Lots of Love,

Marsha Fry   



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