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Out and About Magazine Issue 2 Volume 3

by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Welcome

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." 

—Harriet Tubman

Our current reality, which is undoubtedly unprecedented, forces us to reflect and take stock of the things that matter—putting a lot into perspective. We are reminded of dreams we once pursued when we were fearless and full of hope. Today, we have unanswered questions because, at some point, we decided to focus on things considered more realistic. You were brave enough to dream once, so let’s fuel those remaining flickers.

Though shrouded in some amount of uncertainty, our current reality also brings with it a sense of renewal. It is time to pay attention to that urgent need to reignite dreams by pushing our limits. The necessary strength, patience and passion are already in us; we only need to apply ourselves to make our dreams a reality.

Together, let’s dream big! As always, we at Out and About Magazine aim to inspire and encourage; the mission is to change the world, so let’s do it!

Features and Highlights

Miss Friendship International 2019 and fashion designer Emilia Dobreva talks about taking inspiration from her mom modelling career to now, herself, becoming a model and the owner of her own clothing brand, Oh My Dear Emi. Find this in our Fashion Feature.

Find out How Film Influences Fashion as we explore connections in the film and fashion industry, highlighting signature looks that have set trends and still influence style and fashion sense today, also in the Fashion section.

In our Beauty section, we look at Choosing the right beard oil and local brands to try out for him to keep that prized masculine feature well-groomed and on point. After all, a little assistance can be very beneficial for the longevity of one’s designer stubble. Tackling the question: “Do Hotel Room Beauty Amenities Promote Inclusivity?” we take a closer look at the sanitary necessities that fall short, especially when it comes to skin and hair types among people of colour.

Taking Lessons from an author, motivational speaker and lifestyle coach, we learn from Cornell Thomas that having the right mindset is integral for entrepreneurship. The CEO of Cornell Thomas Consulting also reminds us to focus on solutions instead of problems—an approach he says helped him get back on his feet.

Meet Emirati musician Arqam Al Abri in our Talent Pool. The Black Excellence Award nominee talks music, inspiration, and purpose as he unpacks the message he would tell his 20-year-old self if he could: “Address your fears.” It turns out, too, that he and Cornell Thomas live by a similar quote. Coincidence or fate? Check out their journeys, and decide.

In our Lifestyle section, we tackle ways of Amplifying the Creativity of your Teams in Tough Situations, exploring, too, the various strategies to build a culture of innovation. In Passive vs. Active Income: Addressing the Myths, learn the difference between the two and get some pointers on becoming actively involved to start creating instead of waiting for something to happen by investing in your talents and skills.

We know it is not the easiest thing to do, but Staying Positive During Difficult Conversations gives you a roadmap on how to do just that. So, no need to fear difficult conversations as a leader; we give you simple tools to tackle those moments while remaining open, vulnerable and ready for feedback.

Since we are taking some time to reflect and take stock, learn the answer to the question: Is Imposter Syndrome Holding you Back?

Turning to Food, check out the 15 Must-visit Quirky UAE Cafés if you are looking for something beyond the menu among the plethora of eateries. If you feel like staying in and preparing your meal, we also bring you 5 Mushroom Recipes Meat Lovers will enjoy, giving you more options without sacrificing on taste. With these tasty recipes, you won’t even realise your meal is meatless!

Let’s settle the Fitness debate once and for all in Multivitamin: A Hard Pill to Swallow. See what the research and the doctor say on whether multivitamins are good for us. Your overall health is your responsibility to stay informed to make the decision that is right for you.

In our Travel section, we are Inspired by Nature as we look at the offerings of Saray Spa that has been launched at Al Wathba, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi. An experience there promises rejuvenation for the journey ahead.

Early Retirement may be Easier than you Think, find out the steps one woman took—including relocating—to make it a reality. Intentionally Reincarnated looks at the life cycle of the butterfly and how we, too, can follow the stages and eventually watch and enjoy our bloom. In NFTs: The Boom of Digital Collectables, we explore digital collectables and the role non-fungible tokens play in making them valuable. Read these articles in For the Culture.

Finally, we bring you a book feature on Ask and It is Given authored by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who write about manifesting your desires so that you can live the joyous life you deserve. Check it out in Shelf Life.

Every dream begins with a dreamer

All it takes is a small thought that is nurtured until it becomes a reality with implications to change the world. Out and About Magazine, with the team that made this Edition possible, is always here to remind you that you have the strength, patience and passion to reach for the stars and change the world. Let’s do it!

Lots of Love,

Marsha Fry



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