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Out and About Magazine Issue 5 Vol. 3

by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Welcome

We become what we repeatedly do.

—Sean Covey


Simple, yet profound.

It is very easy to fall into a routine, especially when most days resemble the next day, with very little reason to break the cycle in-between. We become accustomed to things as they are, and before we know it, the time has elapsed and our behaviour becomes normalised to the point of becoming habits, which are not always positive.

Remember, we become what we do, so choose wisely.

Be deliberate in your undertakings and hold yourself to account. It will not be easy, and you won't always hit the mark, but being consciously aware of your actions is a decent start.

Together, let’s choose a path or set of goals and repeatedly work at them until they are actualised. Focus on becoming by repeatedly doing! As always, we at Out and About Magazine will focus on the issues that keep you inspired, so let’s start doing it!


Features and Highlights

After meeting our co-founder and managing director José E Almeida Araujo, a multilingual entrepreneur, business development expert and professional football manager, explore how colour affects your mood in Fashion.

In Beauty, we tackle Multipurpose beauty, exploring what the future of the industry looks like.

Also, find out what the Italians, Malaysians and PepsiCo are all doing in Dubai as the team at Out and About steps out to Expo 2020 Dubai to bring you highlights.

In Behind the Brand, Tariq Abu Samra and Jaya Arunsalam of BloomingBox share some lessons learnt as they continue to grow their online gifting platform.

Taking Lessons from Rev Dr Daniel Garcia, humanitarian and founder of Women’s Empowerment Investment Forum, puts things into perspective as he champions the cause for women.

Meet multi-talented Lara Tablet in Voices, as she, too, talks about empowering women.

In our Lifestyle section, we tackle Why Every Mother should take a Solo 'Mumcation, as well as how to recognise and deal with emotional abuse as an adult.

In 5 Ways to Set Boundaries while Working Remotely, learn a few tips to striking that balance.

Since we are taking some time to take stock, learn how to balance our masculine and feminine energy, after all, they are both within us.

Turning to Food, check out the 10 Winter Salad Ideas you should Try if you are looking for something different.

Let’s settle the Fitness debate once and for all in Diet vs Exercise: Which Matters More. Check out the verdict.

In our Travel section, we are inspired by the 10 Best UAE Views and intrigued by the ‘Million-dollar facials & ultra-luxe skincare being offered at Velaa Private Island. How about adding that to your list of must-try?

In For the Culture, dive in as a dad explains How a Son spawned an Idea to Help Future Leaders and Be Prepared to not Compare, pieces that are food for thought.

Finally, we bring you a book feature on Ten life-changing books you must read. How many have you read from the full list in our Shelf Life?

We become what we repeatedly do

All it takes is a little determination until it becomes a reality with profound implications for the future. Out and About Magazine, with the team that made this Edition possible, is always here to remind you that you have the strength, patience and passion to become who you were meant to be. Let’s do it!


Lots of Love,




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