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Out and About Magazine Issue 6 Vol. 3: Dr Khalilah Camacho-Ali

by Out and About Mag.
Editor’s Welcome

“Things are always better in the morning.”

― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

You are in control. And, the beauty of it is, we always get a chance to improve, do better, start over, chart a different course. All it takes is willpower, the ability to envision your destination and a new day.

Renewal is a common theme at the end of every year, as we look to do things differently, explore new opportunities and hope for improved outcomes at the dawn of a new year. Just like the cycle of a day, after a year ends, another begins. New possibilities emerge in the morning.

Will you embrace the morning and make the most of it? That decision rests with you.

But, as always, we at Out and About Magazine aim to provide the tools to guide you along the way. Things are always better in the morning, so let’s claim it!

Features and Highlights

In Fashion, we always keep you on your toes and in this issue, with Fashion For All on Display in Dubai, you will get more than your regular fill. From Dubai Modest Fashion Week, naming the 5 Brands that Wowed at the event to Dubai Runway, we have you covered.

And, in keeping with the season, we also bring you some tips on Winter Jumper Done Right.

In Beauty, check out a few tips to help you Perfect the Statement Bold Lip this Festive Season. And, we know gift-giving is a staple for many this time of year, so we compiled a Gift Guide For Him and Her to make that a little easier for you, in our Holiday Gift Guide.

Stay in the know with our feature, Island Vibes at Expo Dubai 2020, as we bring you highlights from the Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, and Antigua and Barbuda pavilions. We even had a chat with Jamaica's Minister of Tourism, the Right Honourable Edmund Bartlett.

In our Behind the Brand feature, Ozlem Shahin Ertas the CEO for Modest Fashion Weeks and Think Fashion talks inclusion and plans for the global brand. Check out her story, and we dare say you will agree with us dubbing her a fashion change-maker and visionary.

In this issue, we are Taking Lessons from Dr Khalilah Camacho-Ali, the former wife of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. She holds very little back and tells her side of their story as she shares her take on the power of prayer and her hope for the world.

In our Lifestyle section, we give you the tools to end the year on the right note and kick-off 2022 like professionals with the features: 5 Things to do Before 2021 Ends; Reviewing 2021 and Gettings Ready for 2022; 5 Habits to take up in 2022; and Your Business: A 2021 Rewind informing 2022 Planning.

In Food, you can take your pick of what goes on your spread with At-home Dinner Ideas for NYE, and, of course, we bring you Classic Christmas Cake: History and Must-try Recipe, too.

A new year means new resolutions, so check out the Fitness feature, 5 Fitness Goals Anyone Can Stick to. Let's smash those goals together!

We know that Travel itch and the need to have new experiences, so in that section, we did the heavy lifting for you in Best Places in Dubai to spend NYE and Let's Go Chasing Waterfalls.

In this issue's For the Culture section, we tackle Men: Vision Boards, Goal-setting & Manifesting and bring you a different perspective in Triangular Vision: Succumb to Pressure or Take Responsibility?

Also, check out our Shelf Life pick, Daring Greatly by Brené Brown.

Things are always better in the morning

Renewal is a choice, one we can make with every new day. All it takes is the mindset to create the reality you want. Out and About Magazine, with the team that made this Edition possible, is always here to remind you of your potential. It is yours, claim it!



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