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Out and About Magazine Issue 8 Vol. 2

by Out and About Mag.
Editor’s Welcome

“Work, love, and play are the great balance wheels in a man's being.”

―Orison Swett Maden

Hustle, rise and shine, and repeat. This is our everyday cycle: to live the daily grind. Work is an integral part of our lifestyle, a continuous gear that moves for us to sustain our living. Most of us, however, experience a slump in our careers; or perhaps a period of burnout and exhaustion. Some, unfortunately, get the point of being finally tired of what they have been doing. We get to watch or read stories of successful people featured in televisions, interviews and magazines and wonder how they did it and got to where they are now. You then question yourself: Why can’t I do that? Why can’t I be happy while doing what I need to do? It seems that most of these highly-effective people have one thing in common: they find balance in their lives.

To work productively and lead happier lives, we need to establish balance in all aspects of our lives. This way, we will never feel permanently exhausted, allowing us to repeat the daily cycle of hustle. Enjoy moments of love with your family and friends, get that day off that you know you deserve, and enjoy even the littlest things you have in life. 

We at Out and About Magazine will continuously encourage you to seek knowledge and inspiration to keep you in the lane of positivity and happiness. 

Features and Highlights

In our Fashion feature, we researched on How Augmented Reality is Redefining the Fashion Game to give you insight into how technology is creatively incorporated in the fashion industry.

Want to upgrade your skincare and makeup routine? Check out What’s in my Beauty Stash?, and check if products mentioned suit you too! Learn the Standards of Beauty Around the World and discover how beauty, culture and history moulded the concept of beauty of various countries.

We interviewed the founder of Hawas Group: Ahmed Hawas. He shared with us his stories and lessons about success, leadership and entrepreneurship. 

We are also given the opportunity to interview Preston Mcintyre, the co-founder of Holding Space AD Limited who will give you encouragement with his words focused on business and success. Read their inspiring interviews in Behind the Brand.

We also listened to inspiring lessons about life, career and business from Omar Al Busaidy, an Emirati author who penned Just Read It. Find out more about him in Taking Lessons. Nadia Parekh, Melange Dubai founder and passionate pastry chef, shares her love for food, culture and entrepreneurship in our Talent Pool section.

Dreams and reveries from yesteryears ought to be remembered and memorialised. Vyara Tosheva, a Wellness Expert and Consultant, wrote a moving piece about life and getting to know oneself in Gift of Love for my 40th Birthday in our Voices feature.

In Lifestyle, we’ll tell you more about leading your life and career with balance, productivity and happiness. Discover how to Jumpstart your Career and prepare for future work, all while learning about the 7 Steps to Discover your Purpose and find the passions that release The Flow that keeps you happy and motivated.

We took a gastronomic tour in Lebanon as well to give you a taste of its exotic cuisine. See where your tastebuds will take you with 5 Must-Try Lebanese Dishes in our Food feature. If you’re experiencing or have experienced low mobility, then you need to learn more about How to Stay Fit and Healthy with Low Mobility in our Fitness section. Experience a taste of the Arabian all-year summer vibe and indulge in the Contemporary Luxury at Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas in our Travel review.

Enrich your knowledge and leadership skills with our featured article in For The Culture about Charismatic Leadership and lead with the right emotions. In our Book Review by Leisa Grace Wilson, she writes about Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield to tap your inner power and create your life’s work.

Finding Balance to Lead Happier Lives

Everyone deserves a life that not only revolves around productivity and career growth, but also on the greater things that matter: family, friends, as well as physical and mental health. The most productive people on earth know that they can only excel when they find that balance in other aspects of their lives to keep them going. 

We are able to work most effectively when we’re motivated, inspired and well-rested. Out and About Magazine, with the amazing team that made this issue possible, encourages you to keep the balance and stay on track of success and happiness.

Lots of Love,





Out and About Magazine Issue 7 Vol. 2

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