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Out and About STYLE Mag. Issue 10 Vol. 1

by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Welcome 

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

– Winston Churchill

Bravery: a word so often heard, but so rarely witnessed.

In the face of pain and uncertainty, the deliberate action to move forward requires the spirit of grit and fortitude. The struggle of growth and improvement afflicts each and every one of us every single day—and every step, small or significant, lifts the bar of progress. 

Out and About STYLE Magazine proudly welcomes you to explore this brand new Edition featuring the Brave and the Beautiful: we are talking about the risk-takers, the relentless innovators, and daring explorers of business, fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. This Edition will encourage you to try something new: glamourous, unconventional trends and styles, novel skin-caring must-tries and beauty regimens, recommended fitness routines and activities, and exotic places and diverse tastes in culture. We will also walk with you on your journey to success with courage and discipline! Yes, November is all about expressing your true individuality by building your self-confidence and letting your bravery shine!

Features and Highlights

Gracing us out of London is the ingenious designer Cabral Mercer, who shared his inspiring story of success and high-spirited profile in our Fashion feature—taking us to his world of fashion designing, tailoring and his distinctive, personal style. 

Moving on to our monthly style feature, this Edition features the bold, daring colours and patterns of animal prints! Take heed of our Definitive Guide on Wearing Animal Prints: The Office Version to sport the unconventional appeal of animal prints on your way to work—slaying fashionably without staging an office faux pas!

Katrina follows up promptly with absolute verve in the Beauty feature with her tried and tested beauty hacks to get that irresistibly glowing, supple skin. To level up your fresh, cool look, the next Beauty feature will give you the best tips to wipe out even the most stubborn, dark under-eye circles. 

Gracing the cover of this fabulous Edition, Fetchr co-founder and fearless businesswoman Joy Ajlouny generously shares with us her greatest inspirations and narratives of triumph and innovation in our Behind the Brand feature. We also witnessed how Joy’s impeccable, solid character led her to found successful startups in Silicon Valley. 

Popular Virgin Radio DJ Kris Fade joins Joy in the cover of our Edition as well. In our Talent Pool feature, Kris Fade reveals his story to us: from his humble beginnings to helping to launch Virgin Radio, and creating his own snacks brand, Fade Fit Kids, made especially for kids—and managed by Kris’ own kids too, as Kris himself amusingly told us!

In our Lifestyle section, we will show you The Power of Aligning Your Thoughts and Actions for Success. To grow as wiser individuals, the first step is fixing our distorted views of reality, paving the way to aligning realistic thoughts with concrete, attainable actions. As Napoleon Hill famously said: Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

On your path to success, it is important to acquire habits that will propel you even more to the heights of professional growth and constant self-improvement. Take note of the Practical Ways to Improve Yourself in our Lifestyle feature as well, to further sow in you the growth mindset of high-achieving individuals.

On the serious side, we discuss a disturbing social phenomenon in our Lifestyle feature: workplace bullying. We are here as your avid supporters in Dealing With Bullying In The Workplace, your guide in standing up against this ubiquitous adversity. Gather your courage and conviction and find out how to break the toxic cycles of bullying.

Every day makes us look forward to staying fit and healthy, building our courage and confidence to win. Moving on to gastronomic delights in our Food features, dare to try our recommendations that come in seven, easy recipes for Stuffed Bell Peppers and Dairy-Free Desserts—delightful dishes that will make those plates coming back for more! We also made sure to pack our Fitness feature with recommendations to help pregnant women with their workout routine, and the best budget-friendly suggestions for fitness activities. Find out more about Rupsikha Borah Deori, an Active IQ Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer, in our Yummy Mummy feature. 

The pages in our Travel features will lead you to the far-flung places of the world. In Lauren Ashley Smalls’s journey to Ubud, Bali, she narrates her stimulating journey of redemption and rediscovery inspired by Eat, Pray, Love. Aahna, our very own RedRidingWanderer, will take us the majestic clipper ship, the Shabab Oman II of the Royal Navy of Oman.

Yvonne Mtengwa writes about Overcoming the Overwhelming in our Culture section to help us in managing the stressful transitions of life. We also explore culturally diverse friendships in an ever-evolving society merging into one cosmopolitan world. Our bonus book review on the classic The Richest Man in Babylon summarises the wisdom behind its parables about financial independence and wealth-building.

To the Braver and More Beautiful You

This Edition is brought to you by the wonderful and diverse people behind Out and About STYLE Mag: bringing your monthly dose of insights, ideas and advice to help you become the braver and more beautiful you! Wherever you are, whatever you want to achieve, we are here to raise the glasses for you: Keep up the good workwe are proud of you!

Feel free to message me anytime via our social media channels. Enjoy, loves!

Lots of love,



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