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Out and About STYLE Mag. Issue 11 Vol. 1

by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Welcome

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.     

― Seneca

The wind is telling us that the holiday season has officially arrived. Cool drafts and chilly morning gales are beginning to greet us through our windows, and the mild, sunny weather is inviting everyone to walk by the beach to enjoy the soothing late afternoons and majestic sunsets.

This particular time of the year is perhaps the busiest, most generous and most convivial. Families from around the globe are preparing for the season’s holidays for reunions and intimate gatherings. Perhaps many of us are also looking forward to seeing the year conclude with success, happiness and contentment sowed—raising our glasses to toast to the achievements and learnings we have gained. 

Out and About STYLE Magazine proudly welcomes you in our First Year-End Special, featuring an Edition that highlights and celebrates new beginnings. We feature celebrated, remarkable and enduring individuals and stories, as well as our dedicated sections, to end your year right and begin anew in 2020! December is the month of beginning’s ends leading to new beginnings: a season of reflection, renewal, reconciliation and remembering.

Features and Highlights

Feiruza Mudessir takes us to her well-established niche in the fashion industry. In our Fashion feature, she reminisced about her inspiring story and her beginnings when she launched her very own brand, Finchitua, a Dubai-based brand of modern streetwear inspired by African-retro fashion. Make sure that you will get the memo on The Trendy Take On Winter Holiday Fashion For Men & Women as a practical guide for fashion and styling this season!

Starting out on a new primer or foundation? Check out Katrina’s advice on how to Match ‘Em Primers + Foundations for the flawless, fuss-free look in our Beauty section. Everyone deserves to give their eyelashes a new life too, so our 3 DIY Secrets To Grow Your Eyelashes is here as a handy guide!

Capture inspiration from the first female Emirati aircraft engineer who embarked on a journey from aviation school to being one of the country’s highly-respected women in the aircraft engineering industry. Dr Suaad Sultan Al Shamsi shares what it means to pursue your dreams in our special section, Taking Lessons.

Gracing the cover of this Edition is the popular and versatile TV and media personality, Lara Tabet, who generously reveals how her rise to fame started from a simple, unexpected phone call, and finding her destined path along the way to become the country’s top show host and interviewer! In our Talent Pool feature, Lara shares her current engagements, as well as personal favourites and opinions on how the media has changed through the years.

We also feature a special section this month: Voices, which will take us to the story of a mother, Andrea Valle, and her daughter, Isabel. Finding a Lost Voice is a story of hope and resolve in the face of pain and difficulty, as Isabel courageously fights Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation (NBIA), a progressive illness of the brain.

Our Lifestyle section is sure to bring you a new, refreshing take on starting the year right in 2020! Find time to fulfil Self-Reflection and Goal Setting For the Year Ahead to revamp your mindset. In a practical sense, we should recognise that It’s Complicated to deal with finances, so Deconstructing our Relationship with Money is a pragmatic and responsible action to add to our New Year’s resolutions!

This Edition is not complete without the gastronomical goodness of yummy and mouth-watering food! Browse our lists in our Food feature for Heartwarming Soups To Try This Winter, as well as 20 Holiday Foods From Around the World to complete the holiday vibe this December. Naturally, we follow that up with great advice in the Fitness section: How to Set Realistic Fitness Goals and Achieve Them will be your guide to shed those fats after the holiday. Emily Ranani will accompany us to a more productive, healthier lifestyle in our Yummy Mummy regular feature.

Travelling the world can lead to new realisations and experiences. Travel with Aahna, the RedRidingWanderer, and Sonal, our visiting Travel writer, to The Pink Sands of Pantai Merah and South Africa: The True Adventurer’s Paradise. 

For the Culture features Yvonne Mtengwa who writes about her life coaching advice on how to Reset & Reinvent for a better, stronger year ahead. She tells us that “we do have the power to shape our lives, and we do carry the capacity to push harder!” Beginnings also require taking newer, unfamiliar risks, so Jerome Douglas discusses the importance of Taking Risks in the Middle. We conclude the Culture section with a review on the book written by Don Miguel Ruiz entitled The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, which sets four guiding principles to lead a respectable, moral life.

New Beginnings for a Better and Stronger You

This Edition is brought to you by the wonderful and diverse people behind Out and About STYLE Mag: bringing your monthly dose of insights, ideas and advice to help you become the better and stronger you! Wherever you are, whatever you want to achieve, we are here to walk with you to new beginnings and challenges ahead: cheers for the amazing year we shared together, and here’s a toast to a new year with us—Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Feel free to message me anytime via our social media channels. Enjoy, loves!

Lots of love,



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