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Out and About STYLE Mag. Issue 2

by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Message

Welcome back!!! I am beyond chuffed at your response to the first issue. Thank you, thank, thank you. Thank you for every personal message of congratulations that was sent, thank you for every click on the site, thank you for taking the time to read the issue and thank you for sharing. The most resounding messages I took from it all are the very same reasons I decided to create this magazine, hearing “it sounds very real to me” and “I can totally relate” makes me feel like I am on the right path here. Watch this space, it will be getting even more real!

In this issue, we talk PLASTIC SURGERY. Yep, I said it – plastic surgery. We go Behind the Brand with one of the UAE’s leading plastic surgeons to discuss “botox, bums and beauty secrets.” We get the scoop on the most popular procedures as well as the latest trends. I might even throw in a secret or two (laugh) over there! 

Another one of our core discussions this month is around societal pressures on women 40+ and childfree. There are so many stigmas around my sisters that we wanted to take the opportunity to address this issue in the best possible way. Please do give us your feedback on how well we managed to do this.

Our style feature this month is taking Punjabi swag to a new level. In his words, he’s “not your ordinary turban guy.” 

Inside you’ll also find tips on male grooming, or what we like to call “manscaping,” Makeup Madness, male and female wardrobes must-haves, how to dress to suit your body shape, how to turn your what-ifs into what-nows, plant-based eating, fitness features including Yummy Mommy and Tips for sticking to your fitness goal, For the Culture, Travel with Leela – our travel blogger and guru and of course, everyone’s favourite, The Cam – though some of you just won’t admit it – I see you. 

Again, we want our magazine to be entertaining, informative and engaging, but above all, useful.

I hope you will enjoy this issue. We would love to know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered in the future. Please also send us your feedback and remember to share on your social media channels by using the hashtag #outandaboutstylemag.

Lots of love.



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