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Out and About STYLE Mag. Issue 2 Vol. 2

by Out and About Mag.

Out and About STYLE Mag. Issue 2 Vol. 2


A woman is like a teabag:  you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. 

Eleanor Roosevelt

March is a uniquely special month of the year, especially for women. The International Women’s Day is a shining reminder to all of us about love, empowerment and equal rights, not only for women, but for all genders across the world. We must remember that the true purpose of this celebration needs to be in our hearts forever: equality and progress for a better world.

A woman can be a mother, a teacher, a doctor or even a soldier, and whatever path she decides to follow, we at Out and About STYLE Mag. are always here to proudly support! 

Features and Highlights

In our Fashion section, meet Gulnora Mukhedinova, a fashion designer and a businesswoman who is determined to showcase her talents and goals. She is also a doting mother and a perfect example that passion and family can be equally balanced. If you want to make a difference in your lifestyle, read Less is More: The Rising Trend of Minimalist Fashion, a helpful guide for us towards a clutter-free and more organized life.

Our innate beauty is amazing, especially if it’s all-natural! Katrina gives us a list of Clean, Ethical Brands and Products from Head to Toe in our Beauty section, proving that beauty can be clean and all-natural without the added cruelty. In another article, we dedicate praises to the classic red lipstick: learn the tricks on How to Slay With Red Lipstick: A Complete Guide.

Firas Al Msaddi, the CEO of  Fäm Properties, gives us the honour to be featured in our Behind the Brand section. He shared with us his life struggles and his journey towards success. It is a very inspiring article for all of us, especially if you’re starting up your own business.

Khaled Alsaadi, a young and health-conscious chef, is featured in our Talent Pool section. In our exclusive interview with Khaled, he shared his insights about how a major change in his life led him to his passion. 

Are you tired of repeating cycles in your everyday life? In our Lifestyle section, we gather 8 Evening Routines That Will Change Your Mornings that can definitely help the quality of our daily living. Of course, together with that wonderful change we are looking for, we need to learn the secrets of leading thankful, positive lives. We need to be Hacking Gratitude to feed our minds and souls.

Sometimes, we are fed up with fast food meals and we just want simple, healthy diets, so we created the list, A Match Made at Mealtime: 10 Food Pairing Ideas that can be found in our Food section. Together with this healthy treat, here’s another yummy find: Five Must-Try Jamaican Recipes!

Fitness is another key ingredient for us to live longer, so catch up on new learnings in our Fitness section to Increase Your Metabolism Naturally

Travel is life! If you’re looking for the next destination, check out Travel to Zanzibar with Monique Spearman. She shared her amazing experiences with the wonderful local people and the beautiful place of Zanzibar, Tanzania. In our Travel section, we also feature a great article for trivia hunters. Word meaning can differ depending on which country you’re visiting, so brush up on Things People Say Differently Around the World if you love travel and culture!

Finally, in our Culture section, we provide you with well-thought articles that will shape your mindset for the better you. Yvonne Mtengwa spills her advice on 10 “Must-Knows” for Developing Brand “You”, which tackles attaining the growth that we want. Are you still in the process of achieving the life you wanted? You might as well be Investing your Present to Get up and Live your Passion. Last but not least, with every Edition we issue, we want to suggest good reads for everyone. We feature a Book Review on You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, who discusses important life lessons, goals and overcoming failures. 

Equality and Happiness: Whoever and Wherever You Are.

Be proud of what makes YOU. We all have differences, a precious thing that should be accepted by all. Out and About STYLE Mag., with the team that made this Edition possible, wishes you the best to celebrate this wonderful month. All together, let’s raise the women’s flag! 

Lots of love,



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