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Out and About STYLE Mag Issue 3 Vol. 2

by Out and About Mag.


Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. 

– Arthur Ashe

Resilience is the ability to manage oneself amidst hardships and challenges. It is a skill that is very much needed, especially in our situation now. All of us are struggling, yet we don’t have a choice but to move forward. In tough times like this, we all need the love, understanding, and the help of one another. 

Out and About STYLE Magazine is here to support and provide you with articles that are good for your mind and soul. 

Features and Highlights

Fashion and great advocacies are words that can describe the amazing Modupe Omonze, the creator of the famous Runway Dubai. She gave us her insights on how she connected fashion with humanity. Read her interview in our Fashion feature. We also compiled tips and tricks to give your style a boost. Check out 7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Wardrobe and be ahead of the fashion game. 

If you’re still looking for ways to take care of your skin, Katrina shared her helpful recommendations in My Skin Prep Secret: Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Spring is here, and even though most of us are inside our homes, we still want our skin to be healthy and glowing. We gave you 4 DIY Natural Moisturisers for the Perfect Summer Glow to try and share with your loved ones!

Meet Mansour Bin Jabr, an investor, businessman and a philanthropist who shared his inspiring and successful stories in life. Read his words of wisdom in Taking Lessons. 

Is music the backbone of your life? Our Talent Pool section features Saif and Sound who passionately narrates his journey as a DJ and radio presenter.

In our Lifestyle section, we offer you Leveraging with Public Relations: Boost your Brand and Business, an article that can help you if you’re starting your new business. Here’s another article for aspiring entrepreneurs and people who aim for financial freedom: How to Convert Money in Your Mind to Money in The Bank. Success starts by taking little steps, so read on Decluttering your Personal Space to learn more about what an organised life can bring you.

Food makes us strong and gives us the strength to continue our daily activities. Help your body and get ideas on Eat for Immunity: A List of Recommended Foods to Boost your Immune System in our Food section. Every meal is important and we can’t waste or throw anything away. We created a delicious list in 12 Leftover Recipe Ideas. Try it and enjoy it with the family!

Having a healthy body is crucial, especially at this time. 15 Healthy Actions That Can Help You to Get Fit has easy to follow tips to get your body in a strong and flourishing shape. Check it out in our Fitness section.

Planning to travel once we’re allowed to go out? In our Travel section, read Travel with Monique Spearman: 7 Things You Must Do in Accra, Ghana to get an idea on when your next destination will be. Here’s another article for you: A Traveller’s Guide to Portugal which tackles why Portugal should be listed on your bucket list! 

In our Culture section, find out how Transforming your Mindset in a Global Crisis can help your mind during these trying times. Children are affected as well since most schools are closed, so we discuss how parents can train their children the right way in Home Economics: Create your Leaders Now! If you’re looking for a good, peaceful read, here’s a Book Review: Purpose by Ben Renshaw.

Together, we’ll face and end this battle.

This will end soon and at the end of the day, remember that it is our resilience, patience and faith that will keep us strong and grounded. Out and About STYLE Magazine, together with the team that made this Edition possible, is here to support you as we continue this fight.

Lots of love,



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