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Out and About STYLE Mag Issue 6 Vol. 1

by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Message

Welcome back to Out and About STYLE Magazine and to its 6th issue!
A recent interaction with a lady provided further confirmation that Out and About STYLE Magazine is ABSOLUTELY needed! During a networking event, I introduced myself and attempted to show a lady the June issue of the mag. She proceeded to tell me that she wasn’t interested in seeing people she couldn’t relate to, i.e., celebrities and the like.

At that moment, a gentleman walked over and said, “Oh, I know that guy — that’s James. I know him very well!” — referring to the cover of the June issue. He then proceeded to tell
the lady who James is. Her attitude completely changed and she began looking through the magazine and praising our work. This might seem very simple, but it is moments like these
that will motivate me to put my very best into this publication for years to come.

In this issue, you’ll find ‘The Professional’s Style Diaries’ — a collection of stylishly-clad masters at their art. As it’s summer and protecting your crown is more important than ever, we’ve also given you a guide to choosing the right hat according to your face shape. In the Beauty section, Katrina is helping us to discover lesser-known beauty brands that are worth checking out. We’ve also provided a DIY scrub guide, which will have your skin glowing after the days out ‘catching rays’. We’ve also given you a look into how emotions affect your skin.

Behind the brand this month is nothing less than inspiring. In our interview with Rhiannon Downie, the founder of Bride Club ME, she takes us through her journey to becoming a business owner.

We are big on lifestyle this month! Well, we are big on lifestyle every month because I believe this is oh-so important! In this section, you’ll find articles on life coaching and dealing with sleep disorders. We’ve also got a review of the Slab Test Kitchen restaurant as well as other interesting food-related articles. Yummy Mommy is back in the fitness section as well as a guide to working out at home. Travel sees Nathan taking us through a journey of beautiful Rwanda.

In ‘For the Culture’, you’ll find a feature on Women Talk Today, 8 Habits of Successful People as well as Jerome’s take on ‘The Liberal Women: The 21st Century Juggernauts.’

Again, we want our magazine to be entertaining, informative and engaging, but
above all, useful.
I hope you will enjoy this issue. We would love to know if there are any topics you’d like to know more about. Please also send us your feedback and remember to share on your social media channels by using the hashtag #outandaboutstylemag

Lots of love,



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