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Out and About STYLE Mag. Issue 9 Vol. 1

by Out and About Mag.
Editor’s Welcome

Welcome to a brand new edition of Out and About STYLE Magazine! I can’t believe how quickly time flies. Not just from one edition to another, but also from one season to another! We have officially entered the new season, which means a whole new aesthetic—both on the inside and out: new tastes, recipes, colours, and creative ideas!  And above all, a new season to inspire you to live the best life that you can for yourself, your friends, and your family. 

This edition is packed with creative minds and some of the best advice that we’ve heard this year! If you’re new to Out and About STYLE Magazine, allow me to welcome you to our amazing family of readers and contributors! We feature real people—with real and functional ideas, talents, and advice, you can easily apply to your own life, no matter where you are in the world. We’re very proud of how far we’ve come, and how much we are expanding as a team with each new edition!

Go ahead and grab a drink, while I introduce you to the extraordinary people and topics that you’re going to encounter in this issue.

Starting with our Fashion Feature, Nilofar Khan welcomes us to her world filled with fashion and blogging advice, as well as her take on sustainable fashion. Nilofar is one of the top 50 luxury fashion and lifestyle bloggers in Dubai and knows everything about the latest trends and happenings in the city.

Next, we move on to helping you pack your wardrobe with fashion pieces that will never go out of style! We love sustainable fashion, and we have high respect for clothing and the people who work hard to produce it, which is why we believe that it is important to have clothes that are reusable, durable, and that goes with almost anything. 

Looking for a skin-hydrating foundation that makes you look your best? Katrina has you covered! She’s chosen five hydrating foundations that are suitable for all skin types and is affordable for everyone. In the next article, we followed up Katrina’s recommendations by bringing you a list of organic and skin-nourishing DIY body washes and body soaps.

Our special Behind the Brand feature focuses on Donna Benton, the amazing founder of the ENTERTAINER. She shares her inspirational story about how she started what is now a hugely successful business. Similarly, the Chairman of Gift Global Initiative, Keith Kirkwood, shares his inspiring story of helping families by leading initiatives such as sustainable housing, renewable energy, clean water, schools for the children, and mobile clinics for far-flung communities.

We have a great interview with MKO (Maduabuchi Kingsley Okpor), a Nigerian singer-songwriter based in Dubai who has worked hard to showcase his own music, as well as the talents and works of other creatives. He also led the Art Fusion Night, where music, art, fashion, poetry, comedy and all sorts of creative performances are showcased.

Are you looking to meet other women in business? The International Women Entrepreneurs Show (IWES) set to take place on 4th and 5th of November at Jumeirah Beach Hotel is the perfect place to go. The event is committed to empower and assist women in achieving their business goals and driving their economic potential by inspiring them to become supporters, innovators and leaders in their respective communities.

Our Lifestyle section will take you through the art of teaching people how to treat you. We often find ourselves in a position where we are unsure about how to act. In this edition, we want to help you overcome this barrier. We also took the liberties in reminding men to take care of their mental health, which is an important topic not discussed enough in this society. We also wrote down our advice in a special article on how to deal with grief in relationships.

Even though the new season is definitely going to be a gastronomic parade of delicacies and cuisines, eat responsibly and mind your health and wellness! We want you to feel your best while staying healthy, which is why we offer you seven sugar-free dessert ideas in this edition (and help you with that sweet tooth)! 

And don’t forget your fitness, of course. We discuss intermittent fasting for weight loss, and its beneficial effects, as well as, ideal exercises fit for your body type and for the fitness goals that you have set up for yourself. 

Yummy Mummy is back with Sadaf Majdy Khan, who has given us a detailed look into her work-life balance, diet, fitness routine, hobbies, and love for her family. She offers excellent tips for staying motivated on days when we don’t feel like doing anything at all. You have to check it out!

Our travel section features the adventures of Aahna, the RedRidingWanderer, who tells us about her favourite places in the world and how she planned to visit them. In For the Culture section, we discuss the reinvention of millennial women and how they hustle, as well as a look at the importance of “culture schooling”, especially in an international setting. 

Whoo! Jam-packed, or what? I am so proud of everyone who helped in bringing this issue together, and grateful to the contributors and readers who are vital in making Out and About STYLE Magazine a resource and inspiration for everyone around the globe!

Enjoy! And feel free to reach out to me any time via our social media channels.

Lots of love,



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