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by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Welcome

A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. 

―Agatha Christie

More than a hundred years ago, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation dedicating the second Sunday of May as an official national holiday in the United States to honour mothers and motherhood. The tradition took hold and eventually spread in most parts of the world, with most countries celebrating the special day in the month of May. In the UAE, the holiday is officially celebrated on the 21st of March, but nonetheless, many tourists, foreign workers, and immigrants residing in the region celebrate the tradition in May.

To our mum who carried us inside their wombs for nine months, spent countless sleepless nights and gave us all the love and care that we needed, we express our love and gratitude. We at Out and About STYLE Magazine dedicate this wonderful month to them: a tribute to thank and honour our special heroes.

Features and Highlights

In our Featured Editorial, Funmi Oyelayo shares her personal experience running her events company, Your Day, Our Time. On Weddings: Dresses, Ideas, Inspiration and Planning, brides-to-be are encouraged to take down notes to prepare for their special day!

To follow it up in our Fashion Feature, we researched the history of donning white wedding dresses in The White Wedding Dress: The Evolution of a Timeless Fashion Classic.

Are you looking for the perfect mask to nourish your skin? Katrina compiled the top quality masks you can try to Mask the Time Away in our Beauty section. We got your DIY needs covered if you want to experiment with natural ingredients to nourish your skin to Get the Milky, Healthy Glow: 10 Different Ways.

In our Behind the Brand feature, we interviewed Joe Osawaye, the owner of Kiza Restaurant and Lounge in Dubai. A good read, especially if you want to start a business of your own.

Good-looking body and healthy mind—both are things we all want to achieve. In our Lifestyle section, here’s an article to help you with the challenges you may encounter on your road to achieving these goals. Read an inspiring story of a mother who overcame her obsession with weight loss in How my Obsession with Weight Loss Began. In another article, we emphasise yet again the importance of taking care of your mental health by Dealing with Stress in the Workplace.

Are you a vegan or planning to be one? We recommend the 15 Best Protein Sources for Vegans and Vegetarians to get your daily protein requirement. Looking for different tastes in food? Moroccan recipes are featured in our 12 Must-Try Moroccan Tagine Recipes. Plan your next healthy food trip in the UAE. We recommend Going Vegan in Abu Dhabi: Top 8 Restaurants. 

Bored and want to travel? In our Travel feature, feast your eyes in the beautiful and amazing sceneries of Morocco.

Being fit while in quarantine is possible. In our Fitness section, we give you the 7 Benefits of Healthy Abdominals: Think Strong, Not Flat.

In our For the Culture section, Yvonne Mtangwa writes about 5 Ways to Wrap your Mind Around the Unknown and Keep from Panicking, a balanced point-of-view to adapt to our current situation. Likewise, we find that building resilience brings about greater happiness and contentment: read on A Life of Happiness: Building Resilience. Small choices may seem inconsequential, but over time they compound and bring about significant changes. In our Book Review, find out more about the so-called compound effect through Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect.

Love, Mum

In these trying times, the mothers are most especially hard at work in our homes, keeping us safe, well-fed and clothed! Out and About Style Magazine, with the team that made this Edition possible, celebrates and honours the special women of our lives with features and stories that inspire beauty, success, love and resilience. Stay safe, and keep your mums close!

Lots of love,



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