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Out and About STYLE Magazine Issue 7 Vol. 1

by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Welcome

Welcome back to Out and About STYLE Magazine. The past month has been nothing less than extraordinary. Not because a lot of great things happened, but because I am continuously evolving, and Out and About STYLE Magazine is becoming an even bigger platform with each passing day.

So, did I say nothing big happened? Well, maybe that’s not the whole truth. In the last month I had the first opportunity to be the guest speaker at an event under the Out and About STYLE Magazine brand. It was truly amazing to share my growth and what led me to my passion with the fabulous women that sat in the audience. That talk actually reshaped my thinking for this issue, which led to the theme you’ll find inside – passion and purpose.

I n this issue, we talk sustainable, ethical and fashion brands with a message. These brand owners share with us the purpose behind their individual brands. In the fashion section, we also give you tips on what to wear to work to ensure you turn up looking like your ‘best self’.

In Beauty, Queen Katrina lays out her ‘Holy Grail Products’ and we share how to make DIY face masks for different purposes. Again, we always teach you how to save on what you can *wink*.

This month, we take you ‘Behind the brand’ with the founder of Suite Eleven, a vegan nail care company. We also have a special feature called ‘Taking Lessons’ in which we have a conversation with someone who is thriving in their career. This month, we talk to the Vice President of Agility Africa, Mr. William Stenhouse.

So, let me share a secret with you. Come closer, a bit closer. Out and About STYLE Magazine is not only for you, it’s for me too (shhh!!!!). This is why the magazine is big on not only fashion and beauty, but also on lifestyle. The topics we cover in lifestyle are often a reflection of what myself, my family, friends and/or work colleagues are going through or have gone through. As such, in this issue we look at how social media can affect your mental health. This came about because, while some of us were busy at work, some of you were enjoying your fabulous vacations and posting all over ‘The Gram’ – laugh. Do you know how much that hurts? Lol! Actually, no, but there are some people who have real issues dealing with what others post on social media. So, we’ve given you a toolkit on how to handle social media and social media posts. In Lifestyle, we also share tips on being resilient and how to improve your decision making skills.

Food, food, food! So recently, I have been struggling with lunch and always going out to buy lunch. I’ve now done us a favour by providing some ideas for packed lunch. I have already started to get back on my packed lunch regime. Let us know how you get on with yours. In this section, you’ll also find caffeine-boosting alternatives as well as ways to improve your gut health.

Yummy Mommy is also back in the fitness section, as well as some tips for getting back into your workout routine after all that ‘holidaying’ you’ve been doing.

Go on a journey to Mex-hi-co (that’s Mexico for those who don’t get my foolery) with Nathan and his family, and hopefully you’ll not be as jealous as I was when I saw that they ticked something off my bucket list, parasailing – I’m well jealous!

In ‘For the culture’, visiting contributor, Tannaz, talks to us about passion and purpose, while resident contributor, Jerome, tells us about the importance of being true to one’s culture. In this section we will also take you through seven of life’s elements and the importance of balance between them.

Again, we want our magazine to be entertaining, informative, and engaging, but above all, useful. I hope you will enjoy this issue. We would love to know if there are any topics you’d like to know more about. Please also send us your feedback and remember to share on your social media channels by using the hashtag #outandaboutstylemag.

Lots of love,


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Kendria j 15/08/2019 - 10:42 pm

I love this issue, I was especially interested in the Why We need Vitamin D. i knew most of this but Im glad someone wrote it down. Most dark skin black women don’t get enough D so thank you.

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