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Out and About STYLE Magazine Issue 8 Vol. 1

by Out and About Mag.

Editor’s Welcome

Welcome back to another inspiring edition of Out and About STYLE Magazine. This month has been another journey into discovering amazing new talent, being inspired by people from around the world, and collecting the best fashion and health tips available!

In this issue we get a little lovey-dovey with matching his and her styles, reinstate the importance of skincare and dental hygiene, consider the importance of understanding diabetes, work on improving our diet and fitness, meet an extraordinary woman who is working to further the importance of education in the UAE, and an up and coming rapper who wants to use his talent to benefit a new generation, explore the current state of culture and receive a beautiful travel diary of Italy.

We start this issue with the fashion story of Galyna Fedyuk, a classy lady from the Ukraine who has a passion for classic pieces, easy style combinations, and the power to use fashion to bring out her own uniqueness and that of her clients.

We then give you seven great ideas for swapping clothes and accessories with your partner! Denim jackets, hats and sunglasses are just a few of the many things that you can borrow from your spouse’s wardrobe to complete your own style with a bit more edge.

Of course, at Out and About STYLE Magazine, we never forget the importance of great skincare! Health is the most beautiful addition to any style, which is why we asked an esthetician to recommend the perfect routine for healthy and moisturised skin. We also have a special feature on DIY facial serums that you can use to perfect the health and glow of your skin for a fraction of the price of expensive products. We then complete this section with DIY advice on how to get the perfect brightening smile every day!

We can never talk enough about the importance of education to help us further our potential and our understanding of the world! Leisa Grace Wilson shares with us her journey of developing Moftah Education – a brand that has grown to include magazines, websites, and conferences to help people in the UAE and beyond to further their education, meet new people, and develop new skills.

Our Talent Pool features up and coming rapper Minel Michael Fific, who describes how he managed to pursue his passion even though he has had to deal with a very difficult upbringing. Even more importantly, he is ready to use his talent and success to inspire and encourage other people to follow their dreams.

And you know we always prioritise the health of our readers and their families! This is why we have made an effort to talk more openly about pre-diabetes and how it could influence your life. We discuss the possible risks, how to spot them, and how to avoid making the condition worse with wholesome advice and educated tips.

Thinking about trying a gluten-free diet? We have a great section about the gluten-free lifestyle, how it can benefit you, and how to properly live it. We each have unique bodies, and we should certainly have diets that make us feel and function to the best of our abilities, but there are a few mutual diet tips which we can all benefit from!

Speaking of diets, we also give you some great tips on how you can help your body eat the right foods so that hunger will no longer be an issue that you will have to deal with when you are trying to live the healthiest life possible!

We finish off this section with a calming cup of tea! Indeed, we discuss the health and fitness benefits of tea and how, including this beverage into your daily life can help you to stay hydrated, focused, and much more!

Yummy Mommy is back with Jennifer Stelco, who shares her diet and fitness tips for strength, endurance, concentration and family balance. We are particularly inspired by her post-pregnancy tips to help new moms get back into their ideal form and keep them strong for their new bundle of joy!

We get a little wanderlust in our travel section as Kendria R. Johnson helps us to get lost in the beauty and culture of Italy through her own experience. There are some truly golden tips here for travellers to Italy! Then, we get a little wild with Juhu Reznickova’s description of a hitchhiker’s lifestyle. Phew! It’s not for everyone, but it is quite an adventure to read about!

Our Culture section rounds up this issue with a serious look at personal reinvention and the millennial woman by Yvonne Chiedza Mtengwa, as well as a look at contemporary culture through the eyes of Jerome Douglas. We are all trying to find our place in this world and do the best we can to help others, so I am always grateful when such important stories are told in Out and About STYLE Magazine!

We hope that this issue will bring you joy, knowledge, and inspiration to live the best life that you can possibly live and share this positive energy with the people you love! Stay true to yourself and stay kind!

Please feel free to send us your feedback and even ideas for topics that we could cover in the future!

Lots of love,


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