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Over 200 Cloud Seeding Ops in First Half of 2020 — NCM, UAE

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The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) conducted 219 cloud seeding operations across the UAE in the first half of 2020. The operations were successfully carried out using 4,841 flares produced by the Centre’s Weather Enhancement Factory. The operations also included utilising 419 ground-based dispersion devices.

UAE Cloud Seeding

Rain Enhancement Program in the UAE

Being a water-stressed country with an annual rainfall of 100 mm, the UAE is committed to providing sufficient water supply through technological innovations. The country’s rain enhancement programme targets increasing annual rainfall to ensure water security. The program conducts cloud seeding, which works by dispersing or ‘seeding’ substances into the clouds which encourage increased rainfall. The operations rely on a network of radars that monitor the atmosphere and provide real-time weather data. Once seedable clouds are identified, pilots and technicians carry out the operations backed by reliable data.

The Role of the NCM

NCM Director Dr. Abdulla Al Mandous prides that the UAE has been a forerunner in adopting rain enhancement technologies in the region. With the NCM’s excellent infrastructure and research capabilities, the UAE stands as a global leader in cloud seeding research. "In line with the directives of the UAE's wise leadership to ensure the safety and sustainability of our water resources, NCM plays a prominent role in carrying out cloud seeding operations using the latest scientific and technological methods," Dr Mandous stated.

NCM supports the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science (UAEREP) through the delivery of advanced technologies and facilities. These technologies include radars, weather stations and aircrafts, as well as scientific and technical expert support. NCM also facilitates practical testing and application of research projects to fast-track research objectives.


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