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Plantation Villa: Sri Lanka’s Finest Retreat Reopened to International Visitors

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We have all been affected by the pandemic in one way or another, but Plantation Villa offers the perfect foil to all the stresses and strains we've endured.

After closing its airports for ten months, the Sri Lankan government decided to reopen the beautiful country to visitors again since January 21 – with certain restrictions

Having been granted government-sanctioned 'Safe & Secure Level 1 hotel' status, Plantation Villa has proved it is fully compliant with national and international COVID-19 health and safety regulations – and is now delighted to offer global guests a full range of pandemic stress-busting treatments. 

International visitors are now flocking to Plantation Villa, the most magical, ethereal island spa and wellness centre. 

Plantation Villa

The rural retreat is welcoming international visitors with some incredible offers available, too. 

Resort owner Ishara de Silva explains: "We are delighted the government has re-opened the island, and we are truly ecstatic to be welcoming guests through our doors once again. We can pick you up from the airport and deliver you into a veritable paradise of deep holistic, rejuvenating care.

"All guests are now welcome at the villa. As a certified 'Safe & Secure Level 1' hotel, you can relax, heal and rejuvenate while we ensure all the appropriate measures are taken to be COVID safe!"

Sprawling over 30 acres of prime Sri Lankan rain forest, Plantation Villa – once home to the local village chief - combines natural, rustic charm with uber-modern facilities. 

Less than 50 miles from Sri Lanka's main international airport (Bandaranaike), the resort offers airport pickup*, instantly enveloping visitors in comfort and luxury from the moment of arrival.

A patchwork of charming bungalows dot the property, along with treatment rooms and areas, a peaceful restaurant and a large outdoor swimming pool.

Ishara says: "Now the airports and many tourism spots across Sri Lanka have re-opened, we can feel the optimism in the air. We are very well prepared to welcome guests looking to completely get away from it all. 

Whether you want to rest, relax, enjoy nature walks and hikes, explore the surrounding lakes, temples and beaches, or get deeper into healing, Ayurvedic health treatments, yoga practice, mindfulness and weight loss, we have everything you need. 

Ishara's deep experience of holistic hospitality extends into the kitchen, where meals are prepared according to guests' tastes, needs and likes. Much of the nutritionally-balanced food is from Plantation Villa's own organic garden. 

Plantation Villa

A chance to recharge your energy and invigorate your soul, the sanctuary offers 24-hour room service and free Wi-Fi. It's not a place that makes demands on guests; everyone is free to create their own experience, coddled in peaceful luxury. 

Plantation Villa offers traditional Ayurvedic treatments for a variety of modern ailments, alongside the healing power of nature and ancient indigenous Sri Lankan medicine.

The villa follows the principle of minimum stress and energy in balance, which lead to good health. 

Underpinning the medical practices are mindfulness classes, led by a team of global leaders in the fields of yoga and meditation, from the west and the east. Resident teachers deliver daily morning and evening yoga classes, suitable for those at every level of practice, along with mid-morning meditation sessions. 

A loose daily timetable can be followed for those who wish to follow a routine, and a range of activities are offered. These include walks in the plantation and paddy-field, seasonal fruit and vegetable picking, watching authentic rubber tapping or paddy field harvesting in season, cookery demonstrations, meditation and talks. Talks revolve around yoga and Ayurveda philosophy, improving daily habits, incorporating Ayurveda into daily life and mindfulness.

Plantation Villa is simply a haven of tranquillity. A place to relax, to grow, to transform. You will be visiting a sanctuary to wellness, kindness, mindfulness and nature, with few interruptions and interferences, allowing you to wholly focus on what your body, mind and spirit need to relax and rejuvenate. You will find serenity amongst the calming greens of fruit trees and bird song by day, and fall asleep to a breathtaking starscape and the gentle glow of fireflies.

Plantation Villa

Those who cannot wait to visit the sanctuary can take part in a number of different 'online retreats' from the comfort of home. Offered as 3-, 5- or 7-day packages, the objective of the retreats is to better understand the mind, and gain happiness and wellness.

You can also contact Plantation Villa for a virtual or telephone consultation with one of the doctors, a chat with one of the yoga or meditation teachers, or reach out for counselling or life coaching. 

To book a package at this most extraordinary sanctuary, simply visit all good travel booking sites or take advantage of a 40% discount at the Plantation Villa retreat centre, visit https://www.srimalplantation.com/ to book directly. 

*Airport transfers available at a surcharge





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