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The Jan-Feb issue of Out and About STYLE Magazine.

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Editor’s Welcome

New Year: a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.”

               ― Alex Morritt

A new decade is here, greeting us with hope, joy and peace. Some of us are wondering what kind of challenges we are going to encounter this year; some, on the other hand, are thinking about how to start a new life all over again. Whatever your thoughts, please don’t forget to smile as we are graciously and continuously given with new pages in our lives.

Out and About STYLE Magazine warmly welcomes you to the fresh and wonderful chapter of 2020! We wish for all of us to keep peace and love in our hearts as we all continue with our journey towards success and happiness.

Features and Highlights

Our Fashion feature spotlights Maruf Azimov, a cancer survivor and a fitness model. He gave us insights about his stories of struggles and success, a true testament on how one should move forward and not give up in life.

Thinking about how can you upgrade your style without breaking the budget? Remember our tips and tricks because No Excuse Can Diminish the Friendliness of Silk Scarves!

Planning to travel and want to get an idea on how you can hack your on-the-go makeup look? We do have Katrina to bless our very own Beauty section to back your style. Check out her everyday routine, and maybe you can get pointers too! And yes, scent preservation is not only a science but also a subtle art, so make sure to steal The Art of Wearing Perfumes for Long, just in case you’re having a hard time enjoying your precious scent all day.

Success isn’t easy, but with dedication and hard work, everything is possible. Behind the Brand features the incredible story of Ahmed Ben Chaibah, the CEO of Aquafun. Come and see how he went through all the challenges he had before he became successful in life.

Maya Al Hawary, a TEDx speaker and the first PhD scholar in the UAE to research on emotional intelligence and leadership will surely inspire us in our feature for Taking Lessons, especially during her struggle with depression and rising above it all. 

Want to pursue your dreams? Let’s hear Esther Eden, a young singer-songwriter in our Talent Pool. She shared with us how she managed to be a successful singer and a dedicated songwriter.

In our Lifestyle feature, we will give an insight on how to manage your finances and how to handle your Money: Even Before You Start. We also want to emphasise the importance of health, so get useful information on the 15 Best Ways to Have Healthier Thyroid. If you’re also wanting to get that four-leaf clover to start your new year, we have a special article just for you to help in Creating Your Own Luck.

Food is one of our pleasures in life, but we can’t help but worry ‘cause calories are also waving at us. Help is coming! Try these goodies on our Food section and prep these 7 Creative and Simple Eggplant Recipes in your kitchen!

Since the new year is here and the holidays are over, we are back on our daily and busy lifestyle. Of course, we don’t want to compromise on our health with the stress and the challenges of the daily grind. We offer you Healthy Eating Ideas for a Fast-Paced Life where you can get pointers to start your healthy living.

Is losing those extra pounds one of your New Year’s resolutions? We’ve got your back! In our Fitness section, read The Ideal Diets for Every Body Type to get an idea on how to start your diet.

We’ll share places in our Travel feature where you can enjoy your first journey of this new decade. Top 5 destinations to visit in 2020 highlights the most beautiful places to visit in the Caribbean. Check out another story in Travel with Kendria to Zurich, Switzerland and see for yourself if this will be your next destination! 

Being unique and finding yourself out of the ordinary is difficult, especially with the new era we have. We have Tips to Differentiate Oneself from the Masses from our Culture section to help us overcome this situation. Speaking of the new era, the Internet is one of the greatest inventions. However, like everything else, it has its ups and downs. The Internet: The Taste of Change in Modern Life gives us insights into the significant changes the world wide web has made on our daily lives. 

Last but not least, we still want to offer you the best lessons we can share so you can lead to the life you wanted. For our 2020 Book Goals, we recommend 10 Books you must read before the year ends, an essential compilation of the best and classic books. Find our book review as well on the classic piece Think and Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill. 

A New Decade, A New Vision of Success

We have another year to share our lives and blessings with everyone. Always remember to live life to the fullest. Again, from Out and About STYLE Magazine, consisting of a vibrant team that has made this Edition possible, congratulations on the new opportunity we have. This decade, we will prosper!

Lots of love,



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